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A very McLAREN Christmas

Missing motorsport? We’ve got just the thing for that…

Winter has arrived in Woking. While the frost in the mornings is turning Horsell Common white, the MTC is fairly humming with industry.

The elves in the manufacturing hall are cranking out next year's car parts as quickly as they can (singing is optional), Extreme E mechanics are patiently chiselling down through layers of hard-baked mud to find the chassis of the Odyssey 21 and the Shadow Team are still recovering from their double championship victory with a lot of black coffee and dark glasses…

But if at home you’re starting to feel motorsport withdrawal symptoms, we have a few suggestions for how you can spend the off-season, from McLaren-themed books and films to LEGO cars and even some activity-inspiring running gear… 

Lando Norris dressed up for Christmas

Warming up or keeping warm?

For those of you planning an energetic start to the new year, our range of fitness gear is just the thing. The expertise of McLaren’s human performance group is the stuff of legend: our technical fabrics help elite athletes perform at their best and, while they won’t help you get out of the door in the morning, they will help you enjoy it more when you do.

If getting a hard sweat on isn’t part of the programme in the immediate future, then ‘tis the season for a hoodie, and we’ve got plenty from which to choose. We have hoodies for women, men and children, which come in Papaya and Gulf Blue – but also black, blue, white, grey and a surprising array of pastel shades (thank you, Miami Grand Prix).

The MTC has been given a festive makeover

We have performance hoodies for the morning run, fleece hoodies for cosy evenings, and weatherproof hoodies for those who enjoy taking selfies while staring moodily into the eye of a storm from atop a moorland crag (we also do a very nice line in jackets).

Of course, not everyone is wrapping-up warm at this time of year. If you’re enjoying (or planning to enjoy) sunnier climes, might we suggest something from our SunGod x McLaren range of eyewear? And if those sunnier climes involve a stroll around a golf course – or even if you enjoy a round of golf in the wintery chill in Surrey in January (Lando Norris, we’re looking at you) then our range of McLaren Racing golf accessories will give your bag that little bit of extra sparkle.

Arrow McLaren SP drivers Felix Rosenqvist (L) and Alexander Rossi (R) getting into the festive spirit

Bringing the outdoors, indoors

If this is more the time of year for staying indoors, close to a roaring fire, we’ve got you covered. Our LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 race car will keep anyone occupied during the dark days of the off-season – though if that level of detail (moving pistons, steering, suspension and differential) are more F1 than you want to contemplate at this time of year, then perhaps the somewhat less daunting LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR, or the McLaren Elva from LEGO Speed Champions might be more your speed.

If even that’s too energetic, perhaps a good movie is the way to go. We’ll be cueing up Rush, Ford vs Ferrari, and Senna while the sports documentary McLaren, charting Bruce’s life and exploits will also get a run-out. And in the most real piece of fiction you’ll ever see, spot Bruce making McLaren’s debut at Monaco in John Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix – all in glorious high-def. It’s just the thing for breaking-in a new TV.

NEOM McLaren Formula E drivers Jake Hughes (L) and René Rast (R)

Of course, if you tend to spend more of your viewing time holding a phone or tablet, there’s an excellent year of Unboxed to enjoy on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it before, it’ll present a whole new way to experience F1 from inside the McLaren team. If you have, it’ll be a pleasant way to relive the highlights of the year just gone.

If you’re looking for an immersive game, perhaps you’ve been inspired by the exploits of the McLaren Shadow squad playing the official F1 2022 title. Available for Xbox, PlayStation and Windows, it’s more immersive and detailed than ever.

For all of you who’ve wanted to see our Gulf livery taken for a spin beyond the confines of Monaco, the OKX Livery outside of Asia, or the Vuse livery on a track other than the Yas Marina Circuit, there are mods to do just that. You can contest a season, dig deep into set-up or just blaze around Zandvoort desperately trying to find the right line through Tarzan.

From books and films, to building LEGO cars, there's plenty of ways to have a McLaren Christmas

Reading is a novel idea

On the other hand, if what you want is something good to read, Maurice Hamilton’s recent biography of the much-missed Niki Lauda is captivating stuff, and sits nicely alongside Maurice’s other biographies of McLaren greats James Hunt, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

If you’re after something more current, keep your eyes peeled for the 2022 McLaren Racing Yearbook, which will be available later in the New Year. It covers all of our activity from the first F1 fire-ups in January through to our maiden Formula E test last week. It’s been a busy year for the team, taking in campaigns across F1, IndyCar, Extreme E, esports and launching our Formula E team. It's not one to miss.


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