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That was the weekend that was

The Canadian Grand Prix according to social media

For the first time since Miami, we departed a grand prix without anything to show for our efforts. Lando, Daniel and Andreas each had their own honest assessment of Sunday's sorry result, but all agreed it wasn't good enough, vowing to work tirelessly to bounce back for the British Grand Prix in two weeks.

Now, we're not here to beat around the bush, but we're also not here to dwell. So, while the team back at McLaren HQ get to work on improvements ahead of our home race, we wanted to show our gratitude for your incredible support and tell the story of Round 9 through your reaction on social media...

A trip to Canada always brings back memories of Jenson Button's legendary wet win back in 2011, and as much as we loved reminiscing, we could have done without re-living the stormy conditions.

The weather may have been miserable, but you weren't. 

And neither was Daniel, although that was partly because he was smart enough to bring snacks. 

Next time, we'll remember to pack snacks too, and thanks to @davismelissa, we've got a tasty new treat to try. 

Do you even have to ask?

Usually, this request is the other way around. All we'll say is be careful what you wish for, @PAbsalom. 

We may not have been to Canada since 2019, but we'd not forgotten to be on guard for Groundhogs. 

We found one, @MdrnCdn… 

Who else is still laughing at @f1mclarenfan's joke? 

It was so funny we decided to show Daniel and Zak at breakfast. 

It was time to get down to business, and after a positive final Free Practice, where Daniel finished fifth and Lando sixth, we were ready to put our foot down for some fast laps.  

Technical issues unfortunately robbed Lando of the chance to fight for Q3, but Daniel managed to fire his way into 10th to give us a good chance of scoring some points on Sunday, with the Aussie dragging every ounce of performance out of his papaya machine. 

Race day in Canada was also Father's Day in the United Kingdom, and there was a whole lot of love going around for all of the dads in the McLaren family. 

We loved @jaiMarc's McLaren-inspired Father's Day cake and presents, gifted to him by his children. 

As always, our feed was full of your fantastic support ahead of the race, with fans watching worldwide.

Not everyone has the luxury of wearing McLaren merch as work uniform, but @alasdairmulhern found a creative way around the problem by repping a pair of stylish papaya-coloured socks under his work shoes. 

After the torrid weather conditions on Friday, the sun had thankfully come out in time for the race on Sunday - not that a bit of rain would have stopped those of you in Montreal from coming out in full force. 

It proved a tough race in Canada, as Daniel narrowly missed out on the points, finishing 11th, while Lando crossed the line 15th. For all of the frustration, you were as epic as ever.

Your support managed to put a smile on our faces after a tough day at the office. 

Too right, we'll keep fighting for all of you. 

Forever thankful for your support.

With just under two weeks to go until our home race at Silverstone, it's full steam ahead at the McLaren Technology Centre - your messages continually inspire us to be better, and we can't wait to repay you all. 

Keep believing, team papaya. 

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