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Best of: McLAREN Creators

We've picked out our favourite fan-made items from McLaren's digital post room so far this season

While Lando and Daniel jet off on their holidays, we've spent our time off going through the McLaren digital post room and checking out all of the amazing artwork and handmade items you've been sending to us this season.

While scouring through your incredible creations, we found everything from superb sketches and pretty paintings to cool crafts. Seeing the effort and creativity put into these designs has warmed our hearts and we want to share the love.

We've picked out our favourite pieces from the season so far and highlighted them below.

Timo, 35-years-old from Finland


"I've been making 3D art for more than 15 years. I like doing anything that involves cars and my art style is usually aiming for photorealism, but I also like making more stylised art too. Automotive design is fascinating and I like showcasing beautiful cars in my renders. My favourite parts of the process are lighting and postprocessing.

"My earliest memories of F1 and McLaren are from the 90s when Mika Häkkinen was a McLaren race driver and won two championships. The dynamic duo, Lando and Daniel, are super talented drivers and the McLaren cars are beautiful!"

Sunny, 19-years-old from Germany


"I love being a McLaren fan because the whole community feels like a big family. I met lots of great people through being a McLaren fan and I can proudly call them my friends. I also love the way that the team includes fans and brings everyone together. 

"At the end of 2020, I started doing Diamond Paintings. It takes lots of time, and dedication - and can hurt your back - but it is really calming. Every diamond painting is composed of thousands of little diamond beads that you have to carefully set together one by one. I love doing this at the end of the day to distract myself from school, work and all the stress that gathered over the day."

Anda, from Romania


"I am an illustrator and one of my biggest passions is Formula 1. I also love video games, all kinds of racket sports, reading manga and watching anime.

"I spend most of my time drawing and creating unique moments for McLaren drivers. Both Lando and Daniel inspire me every day to continue drawing and I enjoy all the results of my work.
Being a Papaya fan is the best! All of us have created a healthy community, especially the McLaren creators. I love sharing my art with others and discussing anything about our favorite team."

Rodrigo, from Argentina


"I'm a McLaren fan because of their long and great career in Formula 1 and my drawings are made with coloured pencils and markers." 

Anthony, 23-years-old from the Netherlands


"I try to incorporate a storyline or feeling in every image. I started off by teaching myself all the little techniques and have now been focused on design for almost 10 years.

"I have been an F1 fan ever since I was a little kid and have always felt a connection to the sport. Visiting my first ever race at Spa-Francorchamps in 2008 got me hooked. I was sat right in between La Source and Eau Rouge. That was my first introduction to McLaren. I got given a cap from Lewis and Heikki, and have supported the Papaya ever since. Now, I can’t miss a session!"

Elliot, 20-years-old from the United Kingdom


"I have a big heart for Portsmouth FC and McLaren. The best part about being a McLaren fan is definitely Lando Norris and I think that shows with the tattoo I’ve got. I think that the tattoo artist deserves the credit. His name is Mason Stoner of Poison Ink in Basingstoke. It took around three hours for the tattoo. It is on my calf, and I love it!" 

Pam, from the Netherlands


"F1 has been a passion for me for a long time. I really love the community of McLaren, everyone is so nice and lovely. Art and F1 go hand in hand; the cars, suits and helmets, bit by bit they are works of art.

"I usually paint the shoes while I'm streaming on Twitch. People love talking about F1 and watching art at the same time. During a race weekend I got my inspiration from Daniel Ricciardo's helmet; loved the color and little details when you really look into it. The designs of McLaren are the best! Every year I'm really excited to see the new livery of the cars and helmet designs."

Jason, from the United Kingdom


"As a massive McLaren fan since the 90s, I grew up watching Häkkinen, Räikkönen, Hamilton and Button and regularly attend the British Grand Prix with my dad.

"I like to focus my digital art on the amazing helmet designs up and down the grid. Never far from my tablet, I love to create traditional art styles with my pieces and look forward to making more McLaren art in the future."

Brogan, from the United Kingdom


"I just graduated from the University of Arts - London College of Fashion studying jewellery. I decided to make McLaren rings because I loved the unity that motorsport has created in the sense that it brings people from all over the globe together to enjoy a collective goal and support one another. This work was created using wax that I carved into shape."

Tom, 30-years-old from the United Kingdom


"I got into F1 in my late teens and had always liked McLaren but became a real fan back when Jenson Button joined the team in 2010. I followed through the team’s tough times and have taken a great deal of inspiration from the team’s fightback more recently.

"I make my F1 art by first getting myself hyped-up for the race weekend, watching footage from the coming circuit, reading articles and looking for inspiration in other non-F1 related art. I sketch out some ideas and because a lot of my inspiration comes from the classic race posters, I mix together seven or eight colours of acrylic paint in plastic cups to keep things minimal and more poster-styled. I love to keep things hand-painted too."

"My inspiration for the Baku piece was seeing a lot of the posts online for the anniversary of Bruce McLaren’s passing and how his work paved the way for everything the team has achieved since!"