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McLAREN Creators: Senna special

With the São Paulo GP coming up, we've selected some of your best Senna-inspired creations

No driver inspires the creativity of McLaren fans quite like Ayrton Senna. The Brazilian's legacy is immortalised through your works of art, with new and novel expressions of your love for the legendary driver hitting our post room every week.

With his home grand prix at the iconic Interlagos track on the horizon, we delved through our favourite Senna-themed works of art and have highlighted some of them below.

Micòl Ronga, 17-years-old from Italy


"I have always loved drawing, and two years ago, I started making my first portraits of F1 drivers. One of my favourites is of Ayrton Senna. It is also one of the most difficult drawings I've ever made. I spent 20 hours working with coloured pencils, but I’m so proud of it. Emanuele Pirro said about me: “Miki manages to capture the magic of the true expression of her subject," and I think I did it with this portrait of Ayrton."

Emma Papiani, 19-years-old from France


"I discovered F1 at the end of 2020 thanks to my sister, who has followed F1 since her childhood. My second passion is art and I draw a lot in my spare time, it helps me to concentrate on myself and to escape from the real world. 

"I wanted to mix my two passions together, and I decided to paint something linked to Ayrton Senna, as he is one of my favourite drivers. I was born on 27 May, and my favourite circuit is Monaco. Ayrton Senna won on this date at Monaco in 1990, and he was wearing the number 27, which is why I chose to immortalise this particular moment."

Andy Page, from England


"I have a passion for Formula 1 and drawing, so I love spending time creating compositions of drivers and their incredible machinery. Ayrton Senna was one of my favourite drivers, a true legend of this sport, a man of great drive and determination who became the very best. I aspire to be like this every day, so it was a privilege to draw him and the gorgeous MP4/5."

Andi, from Hungary


"I have followed Formula 1 since I was a child and taught myself to paint. I love painting Formula 1 images and feel that racing images really fit with my style. I am currently learning digital art."

Chris Jones, from England


"I am a freelance graphic designer and photographer who has been in the business for 40 years. After years away from the sport, I have recently started watching it again. I created the MP4/4 on an tablet. It took me around a week's worth of evenings to create. I began by tracing the outlines of a high resolution image and then added on the elements of the car and the livery."