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Best of: McLAREN Creators

We've picked out our favourite fan-made items from this month's digital post room

When selecting our favourite McLaren Creators piece, we always feel glad for the existence of the internet. Partly, because if all your fan mail were hand-delivered, then the McLaren postroom would burst at the seams, with your letters and gifts overflowing out of the door. But more importantly, because it allows us to display your incredible creations online for the world to see.

During the current break between Japan and America, we spent a day going through all of your creations, from the superb sketches and pretty paintings to cool crafts and awesome animations. Seeing the effort and creativity put into these designs has warmed our hearts, and we want to share the love.

We've picked out our favourite pieces from the past month and highlighted them below.

Jázmin, from Hungary


"I enjoy painting and drawing motorsports, especially Formula 1. My huge fandom comes from my dad, and I love the McLaren team. Danny Ric is one of my favourite drivers, and I like Lando too because he is a really good driver. I have been painting and drawing for several years throughout school."

Zach Lang, 15 years old from the USA


"I have been enthralled by motorsport my whole life, going to sports car races since I was four years old, which led to my interest in F1. Through this interest, I created a YouTube channel called “The Moving Bricks” and have been recreating F1 races with Lego stop-motion videos for almost three years.

"I build every car on the grid out of Lego and create each track the teams travel to in Lego. I then recreate the real-life race in a stop-motion video and post it to YouTube. Each track takes me about 15 hours to build, the cars take almost two hours and then it takes 15-20 to film and edit each race, depending on the complexity of the race."

Quinty, 20 years old from the Netherlands


"After a lot of practising, I painted my first Formula 1 sneaker inspired by Lando’s iconic neon helmet. I have now started to paint jackets and recently completed one for a fan inspired by Daniel’s Miami ‘22 helmet. This was definitely one of my favourite projects.

"The fun thing about combining art and Formula 1 is using outstanding colours, designs and personal styles. The papaya orange paint is my favourite colour to use."

Ivan (VansZ), from Bulgaria


"I found that I am able to create explosive artworks that inspire not only fans but people all over the world. I can say that my biggest passion for creating art is F1. Through that, I have created some of my most memorable artworks using drivers such as Alan Prost, Mika Häkkinen, Ayrton Senna, David Coulthard, Jenson Button, Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris. I dream of meeting all those great racers and presenting them with my work, personally recognising their hard work."

James, from the USA


"I am a relatively new F1 fan, only getting into the sport two years ago, but from the beginning, I automatically gravitated toward McLaren as one of my favourite teams. Since my introduction to the sport, Daniel has become one of my favourite drivers.

"I wanted to create a design celebrating Daniel's win in Italy in 2021, which was one of the most emotional moments in motorsports. I went with the podium celebration and the iconic shoey, which I feel captures the pure excitement of that moment."

Amy, from Germany


"I love to draw everything cute, so drawing my favourite driver in my cute anime-esque style was something I HAD to do! I have been drawing all my life but started to draw as my full-time occupation in 2021. For the pieces shown, I drew them on my iPad. I hope that these artworks can make you smile!"