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McLAREN Creators: Daniel special

Ahead of his final race for McLaren, we look at our favourite fan-made Daniel Ricciardo creations

We gained a new fanbase when Daniel joined the team in 2021, and throughout the past two seasons, we've received so many wonderful pieces of art from McLaren fans, new and old, highlighting your love for the Honey Badger. The deliveries never once slowed down, and neither did our love for them!

Ahead of his final race for the team, we went back through all of your creations from the past two seasons and selected our favourites. Keep sharing your masterpieces with us using #McLarenCreators and you could be featured in our next McLaren creators article.

Disclaimer: This will get emotional, so we'd suggest having a fresh pack of tissues at the ready. Don't say we didn't warn you…

Bridget Ford, 14-years-old from Scotland


"At the beginning of this year, I combined my love for art with my love for Formula 1 – and it was around this time that I began to experiment and broaden my skillset.

"This piece was of particular significance to me because Monza has always been my favourite race. It felt important that I captured this with a drawing. I began by adapting the reference photograph that I used to my fragment-like style and then added layers onto it."

Kira Sophie Wehrhahn, 23-years-old from Germany


"I have practically been drawing my whole life and have recently decided to share my artwork online, which combines my love for Formula 1 and drawing. I started watching F1 a few years ago, and I have been a McLaren fan ever since.

"I created the drawing of Daniel on my tablet using an app called Procreate. If you zoom into the portrait, you can see that it consists of simple lines that I layer up to add depth and volume. I also created the contrast of an unfinished look by blocking out the shadows in the clothing and accessories. There will be a lot more McLaren projects in the future!"

Giuliana Parisi, 26-years-old from Italy


"I’m a self-taught digital artist, and define myself as a very creative person. Drawing is very relaxing to me, it’s how I escape from reality and shut off. I’ve been watching Formula 1 for a while, and Daniel has been one of my favourite drivers ever since I first watched him.

"I love Daniel and his personality. Even when things don’t go as planned, his smile never leaves his face! The guy radiates sunshine, and is really inspiring."

Lou Cresti, from Italy


"I'm your friendly neighbourhood emo who loves to watch very fast cars going around in circles! F1 is very popular here in Italy, and when I was a kid, watching F1 races on a Sunday at my grandma's house was a family tradition. After some years away from watching F1, I returned to watching it thanks to two of my best friends.

"Drawing has always been my greatest passion, and I always take inspiration from what I love: music, games and, of course, motorsport. Whenever I create a piece, I start by drawing the pencil sketch, usually keeping a reference photo on the side. Next, I do the inking - I usually keep my lines really smooth and clean and focus on details, like hair strands, for example. Then I colour and render, starting with flat colours, before adding details, shadows and lights."

Mehmet Azad ÇALMAN, from Turkey


"I was inspired by the energy of the McLaren team and Daniel Ricciardo when designing this piece of art. He's a great character, and he knows how to have fun - even in the desert heat. I find the colours and the energy in this image very heart-warming. I always like to use saturated colours, and McLaren's is one of these."