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Alteryx partners with the McLaren Formula 1 team to enhance the team's analytic and automation processes. McLaren uses Alteryx in all three of the team's major business functions: design, car build and race.

Alteryx provides McLaren the flexibility and ease to improve and automate design processes and testing with data. With the easy-to-use no-code, low code, tool-based design of Alteryx, engineers at McLaren can create workflows that run at the pace demanded by racing. McLaren uses Alteryx to help model the performance of the race car. The speed and accuracy of Alteryx allows McLaren to be more efficient and allocate time to other projects.

Formula 1 teams must spend wisely to create a competitive team. During the build phase of the car, many parts are tested for quality and performance, as well as wear and tear. Alteryx enhances McLaren’s ability to read many different data sets from different sources into one view.

Each race weekend is packed with many challenges and decisions for the team. McLaren uses Alteryx to analyse data from the car, the factory and the garage. With the speed and ease of Alteryx, McLaren can quickly gather and analyse data to support their review of the race weekend activities and decisions,.

These use cases allow the McLaren Formula 1 team to invest more time into what matters most: going racing.