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The big end-of-season quiz

Test your knowledge of all things 2022 with our bumper end-of-season quiz

It simultaneously feels like it's been a long, old season and that it only started yesterday. Is there a term for that? We're not sure, but while we sit ourselves down in a quiet corner of the McLaren Technology Centre and contemplate that strange sensation, you can get cracking on our big end-of-season quiz.

It's been another season of extraordinary racing, featuring tantalising highs, excruciating lows and some rather wacky moments, but how much attention were you paying? We're a fan of the finer details and have packed this quiz with plenty of them, as well as some of the bigger-picture moments.

So grab yourself a cuppa, get comfy and see how well you can remember our 2022 season, and don't forget to let us know what your score was on social media, using #FansLikeNoOther.