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Quiz: Look at this photograph

Can you guess Lando's age in each of these images?

We can't all fight Father Time - for every Paul Rudd, there's a Paul dud, but from what we can tell so far, even at the tender age of 23 (just), Lando Norris isn't going to have any issues when it comes to ageing gracefully. Whether it's through an expert skincare routine, his sportsmanlike lifestyle, lucky genes, or a mixture of the three, the British star looks as fresh as the day he joined us.

With that in mind, and in celebration of Lando's birthday, we've created what might just be our trickiest quiz yet… In the words of Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger: "Look at this photograph" and see if you can guess Lando Norris' age at the time it was taken.