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The Miami Grand Prix according to social media

We take a look back at Miami through your eyes

We love the States. Our history in America is long and illustrious, and we’ve got a trophy cabinet full of silverware to prove it, but on Sunday in Florida, we endured a race to forget.  

Our founder, Bruce McLaren, took his very first Formula 1 victory at Florida’s Sebring International Raceway in 1959, but the 2023 Miami Grand Prix won’t be added to the McLaren history books anytime soon.  

After a disappointing qualifying session, neither Lando nor Oscar could make up any ground in the grand prix, with the former getting hit from behind by Nyck de Vries on the opening lap and the latter suffering from mechanical gremlins.    

Up until that point, it had been an energetic and entertaining weekend as the Papaya Army adopted the vibrant Miami spirit, soaking up the atmosphere of the Magic City and all it had to offer. It hurts that the on-track action couldn’t match up to the off-track activity, but rest assured, we’re putting all of our efforts into changing that.  

As the team get stuck into making improvements to the MCL60 at the McLaren Technology Centre, we’ll let you relive the less frustrating parts of the weekend through social media, because as disappointed as we were with the results, your support was as superb as ever and it deserves to be recognised.  

We started with a blast from the past, looking through our illustrious history in the United States.  

Great work, @Kelly_gro5114. Keep it up!  

The Miami vibe was strong with this one.  

How time flies.  

Awesome work!  

Nothing like stepping into the weekend with fresh McLaren kicks.  

Beach vibes in Brands Hatch. You just need the weather to match the outfit.  

Hmmmm, we wonder… 

What were you waiting for? FP1 was about to start!  

Sneaky! But surely no boss would be so cruel as to deny you the privilege of wearing McLaren? Try asking nicely and giving them puppy dog eyes…  

It’s close enough for us! Orange chicken would have also sufficed.  

More Miami vibes. Fresh fits, team.  

We can’t. This is too cute!  

What ball shaped lid should Lando don next?  

Battle of the office views. 

Who else desperately wants a hot lap with Oscar?  

Next up in the Fast and Furious franchise: Fast 10: Your seatbelt.  

Fun fact: That is actually a regular sized helmet. Vin Diesel just has really big hands.  

Happy birthday, Pato!  

New challenge for the upcoming Emilia Romagna Grand Prix: Who can show us the coolest setting to watch the race?   

We hope you had a McLaren tee on underneath your uniform, @gabsf127…  

The race was painful, and we all know it wasn’t good enough, so we’ll avoid going over old ground, but thank you all for sticking with us. Your support means everything.  

A week of hard work awaits, and then we’re back at Imola where we’ll need more of the same energy. Keep the faith, Papaya Army – together, we’ll come out the other side stronger for these experiences.  

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