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Our latest launch is a US-inspired slam dunk

Lights out, and away we go!…Let's get ready to rumble!

We're going all-American in Austin for this year's US Grand Prix and not to blow our own trumpet, but in a game of inches, we reckon we've knocked it out of the park. Now it's time to put the ball in your court and pass you the baton so that you can decide whether this range is a slam dunk or if we've dropped the ball.

Okay, so you've probably had enough of the stereotypical American sports phrases, but in our defence, it was important to get into character.


The showstopper.

No McLaren drop would be complete without a Hollywood hoodie, and this might be our favourite of the year… Much like Lando and golf, or Lando and DJing, or Lando and photography or Lando and acting, the collegiate-style McLaren 'M' and the old-school racing graphic is a combination we never knew we needed.


No, @KeshavKrishnan, the M doesn't stand for monsoon, although if your forecast is anything to go by, you'll need a hoodie to keep you warm and dry.

Mitchell & Ness Jerseys

Now here's a combination we already knew we needed. Having been such a smash hit last season, the American football style crossover jersey has a proven track record and is back with a fresh new look.

The story goes that Daniel's love of the Buffalo Bills was initially down to their "cool-looking jersey." Our take on the classic style could be your gateway to following the same path as the Honey Badger. Mitchell & Ness provide unmistakable quality and the Speedy Kiwi in the top corner is an adorable addition that we can't get enough of.



The style might have been born in Europe, but there are few wardrobe essentials more American than a classic Raglan tee: the baseball staple is a sure-fire home run.

Not convinced by long-sleeve tees? The short-sleeved old-school racing tee was in fashion before Lando and Daniel were even born and isn't going away anytime soon. Just as cool today as it was 50 years ago, the style is ideal for those who love to pair a graphic tee with a flannel. Ohh, and don't forget to complete the look with one of the matching caps.

Crew Sweat

Oooohhhh, this is new?

Well, the United States is known as the "Home of the brave," so why not try something a little different?

We've ditched the hood but kept all of the style. The crew sweat is as versatile as it gets. Whether you want to rock it over one of our American tees for a casual look, pair it with a McLaren polo for a smarter fit, or if you're really brave, you could wear it without either.

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