2022 Island X Prix I "It's been a tough first round here in Sardinia"

Hear from NEOM McLaren Extreme E drivers Emma Gilmour and Tanner Foust after the Island X Prix I.

NEOM McLaren XE Team #58

Finished DNF
Q1 (time trial) P8 DNF
Q2 (race heat) P2 7.59.85 
Semi-final/Crazy Race  P4 DNF

“It’s been a tough first round here in Sardinia. We had really good pace in practice and we were looking to build on that, but an unfortunate DNF in Q1 put us on the back foot. In Q2, we had an unfortunate incident where someone ahead left us in the dust and made it so much more challenging to get through into the Semi-Finals.

“The Crazy Race is always a tough ask and probably even more so on this track. Four or five cars have got to go down into two shoots and I sadly bore the brunt of it at the start. Thankfully, I am OK, just a bit stiff and sore. As a team, we are a really strong unit and we will come back fighting.”


“I was really looking forward to Rounds 2 and 3 in Sardinia as I had never visited before. It’s very hot and dusty, but a very cool place to race. The surface is fun, rough and challenging. It’s a challenge on many levels for all the teams and so far this weekend we have certainly had our share of challenges.

“We now have some work to do between events to get the car ready for Round 3, but the team is charged and I have no doubt we are going to hit the ground running into the second event of the double header.”

Mark Grain, Sporting Director

“It has been a very challenging week for the NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team. We keep reacting and we keep pushing forward. We had some difficulties in qualifying with an accident, but we got out OK. We knew we had some big challenges ahead of us today, and sadly we didn’t get to execute on that challenge.

“Emma made a great start, but she got moved over by one of our competitors, hit a big divot, the car went up and over, and unfortunately the chassis has been written off. That means we have got a long night ahead of us, but we have got all day tomorrow and we are really going to push hard and do everything we can to be in the next race.”

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