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Tribute to Kim Cole

McLaren pays tribute to an employee

All at McLaren Racing remember our team-mate and friend, Kim Cole who sadly passed away on Sunday 8 August 2021.

Kim was a renowned character at McLaren Racing and worked within the Composite Laminating team for more than 20 years. For those who worked with him, he will be remembered for his diligence and keen eye on quality to deliver the best parts to track.

Kim was a true racer with a wonderfully dry sense of humour and competitive spirit. Beginning in BMX racing as a young lad, Kim moved on to motocross before ultimately progressing to the top level of F1 composites.

Kim felt a deep sense of belonging at McLaren Racing and made sure everyone around him felt part of the team. For those lucky enough to have known Kim personally, they will remember a kind and caring individual who stayed one step ahead in workshop banter, made time for friends and always had a good story to tell.

The team sends its most heartfelt condolences to Kim’s family and honours his memory with both race cars carrying his name at the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix.