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Safe Drive Stay Alive Surrey (SDSA) and its patron, Damon Hill OBE

Safe Drive Stay Alive visits McLaren to discuss road safety

McLaren Group welcomed Safe Drive Stay Alive Surrey (SDSA) and its patron, Damon Hill OBE, to the McLaren Technology Centre this week to discuss the issue of road safety – both in Formula 1 and the wider world.

SDSA is a theatre based education initiative that aims to raise road safety awareness amongst young people and positively influence their attitudes to driving. Since it started back in 2004, SDSA has reached 92,000 young people in and around the Surrey area through 155 individual performances. Audiences hear emotional, real life accounts of road traffic incidents from survivors, while also being educated on their responsibilities as road users, and the potentially devastating consequences should these not be taken seriously.

The visit to the McLaren Technology Centre was a chance for SDSA (and its partners from organisations including Surrey Fire & Rescue Service and Surrey Police) to discuss the issue of road safety, while also finding out how safety developments at the pinnacle of motorsport have impacted on the safety of everyday road cars.

McLaren Group is committed to supporting initiatives that promote road safety, and has previously joined forced with Prime Minister David Cameron to launch the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. McLaren Mercedes is also involved in the FIA’s Action for Road Safety, which campaigns for safer roads, vehicles and driving behaviours around the world.

Speaking about the visit to McLaren, Damon Hill OBE said: “SDSA does a fantastic job in informing young people about the risks involved in driving on the road, and educating them about responsible driving. Unfortunately, too many young people mistakenly treat the roads as a racetrack but they need to be aware that professional drivers and racing teams such as McLaren Mercedes are operating in tightly controlled environments with world-leading safety measures in place. It has been inspiring and insightful to see how McLaren manages risk on a daily basis, and also how safety has improved in motorsport over the years.”

For more information on SDSA, please visit their website: