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McLaren Performance Academy


“Break through the perceived limitations of high performance driving by using technical excellence and winning strategies.”


McLaren has a long history of drawing up talent from the F1 feeder series, spotting talent, nurturing young drivers and preparing them for the rigours of Formula 1.

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The Academy programme is designed to ideally run over two, or more, consecutive years, although it is possible to have a break after Year 1 and then return later for Year 2. After this the best drivers will be invited back to become one of our Elite Year 3 drivers where your programme is tailored to your bespoke requirements.

The initial two year programme installs and reinforces the core principles required for being a world class professional racing driver. These skills and habits will shape your strategies for preparing and performing consistently at your best.


The Year 1 programme provides the driver with core skills required to become a professional. These skills will empower you to be able to prepare effectively, execute your strategy efficiently, and review your performance accurately in order to maximise your limited time in the car either on track or in a simulator.

  • 3 day “Core Skills” Bootcamp at the McLaren Technology Centre
  • 3 mid-year “Gold Standard” review days
  • Graduation


The Year 2 programme builds on the skill set developed in year 1 with a further emphasis on reviewing each drivers performances and enhancing their own individual strategy towards becoming truly world class.

  • 3 day “Gold Standard” Bootcamp at the McLaren Technology Centre
  • 3 mid-year “Refinement” review days
  • 1 individual Fitness Evaluation day
  • Graduation

Year 3 (GOLD):

The Year 3+ programme takes a bespoke approach to a driver’s individual requirements. After an initial evaluation with the specialist team an individually tailored programme is recommended for the driver to follow. This individualised approach allows each driver to focus on their specific strengths and unacceptable weaknesses.

  • Individual Evaluation
  • Bespoke programme
  • Potential for McLaren simulation programme
  • Potential for trackside therapist support


The McLaren Performance Academy offers ambitious young drivers the chance to learn more about the world of single-seater racing, giving them access a team of leading sports professionals each with their own area of specialisation that bring a matchless combination of knowledge and experience.

The Academy would be beneficial for any driver who wants to optimise their performance in order to showcase their driving talent. Our heritage focuses on single seaters but the Academy programme can be applied to many high performance driving genres. Age is not a limitation to a successful application, although at this point we only consider applicants aged 13 or older.

The four core areas of the programme cover:

Preparation and execution of the technical aspects of racing
Performance Thinking   
Ability to control emotion and stay logical to optimise performance under pressure

Develop the strength and stamina needed to control a car throughout the race 

Management of food and fluid choices to maximise energy metabolism and weight control



The McLaren Performance Academy is currently accepting applicants for the 2015 /16 programme.

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