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McLaren Technology Centre

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

McLaren Technology Group Limited and its wholly owned subsidiaries [1] (“McLaren”) operate in many markets and jurisdictions throughout the world. McLaren respects the national laws of the jurisdictions in which it is present and is committed to act ethically in all aspects of its business. 

McLaren holds itself to high standards, and as such, expects the same high standards of all of its partners and suppliers. This code of conduct and business ethics applies to all aspects of supply of goods and services to McLaren.

Supplier Requirements

A prospective supplier must:

  • comply with all of the applicable laws, statutes, regulations and codes of the countries it is present in, including without limitation the Bribery Act 2010;
  • not offer, give, demand, induce or accept bribes in order to detain or retain business or other advantages and ensure all employees are adequately trained in this area; 
  • not engage, nor be a party to, conduct of business practices that are anti-competitive; 
  • select and promote its employees and contractors on the basis of their qualifications, ability and merit and not discriminate based on religion, race, colour, sexual orientation or gender;
  • comply with all anti-discrimination, anti-harassment and anti-bullying requirements in all jurisdictions in which it is present, to ensure all employees and contractors are treated respectfully and fairly;
  • maintain a safe and civilised work environment;
  • ensure that as far as is reasonably possible it minimises any detrimental effects on the environment; 
  • uphold the human rights of all employees and adhere with all laws, regulations, codes and government guidelines on human rights;
  • take all reasonable steps to ensure there is no slavery, human trafficking or child labour taking place in its supply chains or elsewhere in its business; and 
  • keep up to date with its understanding of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and be in compliance with its requirements at all times.

[1] McLaren Racing Limited, McLaren Marketing Limited and McLaren Applied Technologies Limited and the wholly owned subsidiaries of the aforementioned.