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McLaren Technology Centre

BioTekna becomes an official Partner of the McLaren Technology Centre

BioTekna announce their scientific partnership with the McLaren Technology Centre and the implementation of their “4Ps Programme”.

BioTekna has today been unveiled as an official McLaren Technology Centre Partner. They bring over 20 years of experience in improving personal psycho-physical performance and health to up to 3,000 McLaren employees.

BioTekna has been committed to the study and analysis of human physiology and wellbeing for over two decades. That experience has led to the development of non-invasive health analysis methodologies and the creation of advanced psycho-physical recovery programmes. Working with BioTekna, McLaren intend to harness this experience and improve the human performance of those working at the McLaren Technology Centre.

Both BioTekna and McLaren are committed to the improvement of human performance through dedicated, careful analysis. Working closely with McLaren’s dedicated in-house human performance team, BioTekna has created a bespoke "Psycho-Physical Performance Programme” (4Ps) to further the Group's human performance.

The programme aims to study and refine new technological solutions for the analysis of human performance. The target of the “4Ps Programme” is to create a fresh approach to managing human performance that is suitable for high efficiency environments such as the McLaren Technology Centre, home to a world-leading business.