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McLaren Racing

McLaren Racing has one single mission: to win Grands Prix and World Championships. To design, build and operate a Formula 1 car at race-winning levels requires focus, ambition, imagination, dedication and microscopic attention to detail. It demands excellence.

This was true 50 years ago when Bruce McLaren hand-picked a small group of associates to design and build racing cars bearing his own name, and it is still true today – 20 World Championships, 182 grand prix victories, and over 800 employees later.

While McLaren Racing’s sporting successes have blossomed over the past half decade, so too has the sport of Formula 1 itself. With a race calendar that has doubled in size to include 20 grands prix spread across five continents, the sport has developed a massive global reach with more than 500 million TV viewers in 187 countries. McLaren Racing has shared this impressive growth with a roster of multinational partners, forming some of the longest sponsorships in sporting history.

McLaren’s successful racing heritage has been driven by a relentless desire to innovate. Whether it be Bruce’s early experiments with four-wheel drive, pioneering the use of full carbon fibre construction, or inventing the game-changing ‘brake-steer’, McLaren has consistently led the way in the development of groundbreaking technologies that now have applications in the wider world.

The other companies in McLaren Group – McLaren Automotive and McLaren Applied – are now continuing this legacy, taking F1 knowledge and expertise and developing new applications for consumer road cars, public transport and health.

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