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Honeypot Case Study

Case study: Honeypot, Charlie and McLaren

Honeypot exists to support children like Charlie, who is 11. Since her mum had an accident, Charlie has had to take over caring for her little sister, as well as looking after her mum.

Each day when Charlie gets home from school, she cooks dinner, washes up, gives her sister a bath and reads her a bed time story. Before she can do her own homework, she gives her mum her medication, tidies up their flat and gets her sister’s bag for nursery ready for the next day.

Without Honeypot, Charlie would have no consistent respite, and little access to outreach support.

It is only thanks to the kindness of organisations like McLaren that Honeypot’s vital work can continue.  That’s because Honeypot receives no government funding. 

Thanks to McLaren, Honeypot has been able to help thousands of young carers like Charlie have a break from their demanding responsibilities at home and have the opportunity to have their one chance at childhood.