McLaren Applied Technologies



Experts in performance. Obsessed with excellence.

No matter the challenge – whether producing specialist components or bespoke solutions – we pride ourselves on excellence. Producing safety and security-critical products that deliver results first time. Broadly, these group into 4 areas of innovation:

Beautifully designed products with intelligence inside

Through strategic partnerships with leading businesses we’ve been able to deliver innovative new meta-products, designed to enhance output. By building technology into the core design, they can collect, analyse and transmit data to uncover previously unknown information, with the potential for revolutionary breakthroughs in service and product performance.


Hardware and software that can analyse, anticipate and react in real time

We work with organisations to optimise performance of people and machines through a detailed focus on data insight. By combining historic and real-time data with simulation, smart systems use both hardware and software to analyse and monitor operating performance – anticipating issues before they happen and enabling dynamic decision support. 


Virtual test and development environments that enable dynamic design

With a history of Formula 1 success, we’ve been using simulators to develop cars and components for many years. These adaptive environments use software to feed simulation into design, allowing for rapid – and efficient ­– product development. It’s about putting both man and machine in a virtual environment in order to design around them – and push their performance to new limits. 


World-class electronic control systems, designed and built for the toughest environments

Experts in motorsport electronics, we produce control systems for leading race series around the world, including all teams in Formula 1, NASCAR and Indy Car. Sitting at the heart of the car, our control systems are secure, while allowing enough flexibility for teams to employ their own algorithms. As the market-leader, our ECUs have never caused the critical failure of a car during a race. This makes them applicable to industries – from aerospace to transport – where any margin of error is likewise unthinkable.  


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