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Why McLaren is attracting a specific type of person as it expands into other industries

Sam Marks, Recruitment Advisor - (LinkedIn Pulse)
McLaren Applied Technologies

As a recruiter at McLaren Applied Technologies, I have the privilege of speaking to talented engineers and business strategists every day.

The first question I always ask prospective candidates is ‘why do you want to join McLaren Applied Technologies specifically?'

And the increasingly common answer from candidates whether they are from the UK, US or Singapore is to work on meaningful projects which will have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Traditional motives for pursuing a new job such as compensation, benefit packages and career progression are undoubtedly still important, but we’re finding that more people are becoming conscious of the type of organisation they want to work for and how their work will have a wider impact on society.

Now, we appreciate some people will want to work for companies that provide a holiday booking platform or provide an entertaining music streaming service for example; but we're looking for driven people who want to combine their skills with our technology to improve people’s lives, this is our focus and is what differentiates us.

The variety of projects and technologies that people have the opportunity to work on in health, public transport, automotive and motorsport, is also a big attraction.

 In health, we’re developing intelligent products to improve the pathway of patient care, working with health bodies to overcome and eventually prevent diseases and pushing the boundaries of human performance in sport.

We’re applying decades of experience in real-time data capture, simulation and decision science to help train operators improve the quality of their service in the public transport industry.

 In the automotive industry, automakers are able to speed up their research and development process and reduce their costs significantly because of McLaren’s simulation technology which is eliminating the need to create physical prototypes. 

And in motorsport, we’re working on a variety of revolutionary projects from driver and team to development to new battery technology that will not only enhance motorsport but will also be applied to future road cars.

So, there are opportunities for all types of talented people. But the successful candidates are those who are able to clearly demonstrate why they share our mission of using our capabilities and technology to improve lives.

For a full list of opportunities to join our growing team, click here or feel free to reach out to me personally. 

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