McLaren Applied Technologies

How you can help McLaren shape the future of public transport

Paul Bebbington, Director of Public Transport (LinkedIn Pulse)
McLaren Applied Technologies

Working at McLaren is like no other job in the world. The brand is renowned the world over as a hub of world-class engineering and commercial excellence.

People have the choice of working for one of the most successful Formula 1 teams of all time. They also have the choice of working for a brand that creates some of the most highly desirable supercars in the world.

Now people have a third choice. 

To join McLaren Applied Technologies. An advanced technology, innovation and design company, on a mission to improve lives in industries as diverse as public transport and health.

The concept of McLaren working on trains, buses and aeroplanes might seem strange, but it makes perfect sense to us. Harnessing decades of experience in real-time data capture, simulation, and decision science in motorsport, we’re working with transport operators, manufacturers, and mobility providers to constantly innovate and deliver the future of intelligent mobility. 

And it’s our diverse group of talented people whose ideas and solutions are already solving crucial industry challenges, from helping transport operators to reduce disruption on their services, or improve the customer experience. 

The experience in our team ranges from people with decades of transport and motorsport domain knowledge with both technical and commercial backgrounds, to people at the start of their careers who want to shape the world of tomorrow’s traveller. This provides us with a balance of experience and creativity, which drives ideas and solutions forward.

Joining our team means you will have the opportunities to shape and connect our future cities, enhance the customer experience on public transport and make travelling safer for everyone.

For a full list of career opportunities at McLaren Applied Technologies, click here.

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