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Increasingly wearable technology is making it ever easier for us to record, analyse and improve our lives, whether we are exercising for fun and fitness, undergoing treatment for an illness or participating in a clinical trial.

‘Activity trackers’ are becoming increasingly popular, typically worn inside shoes, on the belt or on the wrist, and featuring a combination of heart rate monitors, accelerometers and GPS to calculate energy expenditure and log movement. Websites and smartphone apps connected to these devices enable people to track their own behaviour or even compare their performance with others, if they choose, and often the element of competition can act as an incentive to improve. 

“ McLaren are recognised as world leaders in data monitoring and processing and user interface development “

What the products currently on the market lack is accuracy, context and personalisation. They are generic solutions in a world full of individuals.

We foresee a transition to fully personalised technologies that generate more actionable insights and lead to long-term behavioural changes; devices that are more useful because they know you better, and can help you to act on the information they receive, to optimise your time and performance.

McLaren are recognised as world leaders in data monitoring and processing and user interface development, thanks to the tools we have developed to collect and process a rich stream of performance and health metrics. We have worked with partners as diverse as the Rugby Football Union, Chelsea Football Club, the British Olympic team, GlaxoSmithKline and BAA – from the real-time monitoring of individual athletes and teams to clinical trials and large-scale movement of vehicles within a dynamic, constantly changing three-dimensional environment.

Our experience in translating that expertise into health and wellness applications has enabled us to develop advanced cloud-based human monitoring systems that are recognised as the best available.

By supplementing contextual lifestyle data with high-fidelity vital sign data – fed by more accurate sensor technology that goes beyond simple accelerometers, and which can be worn on different parts of the body – the next generation of wearable technology we have developed offers richer behavioural insights and more effective intervention strategies.    

Medical-grade data in consumer-friendly devices can assist recovery from injury, boost performance on a long-term training programme, or simply help you achieve a better lifestyle. It can play a vital role in clinical trials, yielding better-quality data about a medicine’s effectiveness, potentially saving millions of pounds in development costs, speeding products to market and saving lives.

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