McLaren Applied Technologies

As a society we have grown to rely on everyday actions that depend, invisibly, on the continuity and sophistication afforded by the increasing number of data centres worldwide. But that convenience comes at a cost.  Around two per cent of the world’s electricity is consumed by data centres; if they can be made more energy-efficient, both their operators and the environment will benefit.

McLaren Applied Technologies are working with IO, a world leader in data centre technology, to push the boundaries on current data centre thinking.

With our High Performance Design team we are able to optimise the design of data centres, and improve the efficiency of the cooling systems. Through Performance Management Systems we are able to use data captured in the modules to optimize operational performance and then, by creating detailed models, predict future product behaviour.

By having a model that describes behaviour it will become possible to create future operating scenarios. These can describe the various facets of data centres, such as security, latency, efficiency, resilience and critically, a quantification of risk. Efficiency gains are often found in a more clever management of risk.

Ultimately, the physical hardware that makes up the technical infrastructure of a data centre is very similar and open to competitors – but our expertise in simulation and analytics is unique.

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