McLaren Applied Technologies



McLaren Applied Technologies is a high-performance technology and design company which combines fresh thinking and innovation to solve crucial challenges and improve people's lives in industries as diverse as health, transport, automotive and motorsport.

Decades of competition in the world’s most technologically advanced sport has built our unique understanding of technologies which are key to unlocking the potential of an increasingly connected world. These include data science, sensor technology, simulation and machine learning.

McLaren Applied Technologies can make the critical difference to your business, helping you to capitalise on major opportunities. We solve problems that might otherwise remain unsolved. We do this by taking advantage of the natural convergence between data management, predictive analytics and simulation within our capabilities. Producing high performance design of products and processes.

Our partners are business leaders and visionaries who share our passion for high performance, both human and machine.

Our capabilities

Greater than the sum
of our parts

Technology is the lifeblood of the McLaren Group. It drives our motorsport and automotive success, which in turn creates an infrastructure geared to further innovation.

As part of the Group, McLaren Applied Technologies is uniquely positioned to capitalise on progress made within the broader business. This means we can solve a wide range of challenges through the interplay between high-performance engineering and advanced electronic technology. Whether supplying existing or derivative electrical components, or designing wholly new solutions to as-yet unsolvable challenges.

Our people and partnerships

Never taking no
for an answer

Creative as well as technically excellent, our people are experts adept at collaborating across specialisms. Working together in the McLaren Technology Centre, where we’ve housed and developed technologies for over 10 years.

We partner with diverse businesses; what unites them is a desire to win. So together we strive to be the best or to go beyond what was considered to be the limit of performance. It’s with these like-minded visionaries that we form long-term collaborations, working to solve existing challenges and innovate across all areas.

It can be done: McLaren Applied Technologies

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