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The story behind our technology


The story behind our technology

Tasman represents the source of our single-minded drive for technological excellence and success. The products and technologies within it are built on decades of experience and have delivered advantage to a broad range of industries.

Our technology is the bedrock of all our solutions. We understand that each market has specific needs, and our products have been created with this in mind; delivering unique, tailored solutions for specific applications. Alongside this, we are constantly collaborating with partners to develop new and innovative solutions to meet further market challenges.


By deriving detailed insight on people, assets and systems, we can help you understand complex environments, optimise operational decision-making, and undertake the data driven design of products and solutions.

Decision Insight

Real-time and strategic decision support systems provide insight into when and how to react to unforeseen events that cause you to deviate from your optimal plan.

Able not only to provide the likely outcomes given a selected decision, Decision Insight can also suggest robust optimal courses of action, given competing objectives and accounting for the uncertainties in your system or process.

Human-machine interfaces present decision makers with clear and meaningful recommendations.

Condition Insight

Condition Insight provides you an understanding of the performance of your process, system, device or asset – in the past, present and future.

Using a combination of physics and machine learning approaches, we perform robust multi-variate anomaly detection and can predict critical events.

Condition Insight applies our extensive experience to provide true insight into your most complex systems - human or machine.

Design Insight

Design Insight tools enable you to develop solutions with increased performance - faster and more efficiently - by taking a data driven design approach.

We make possible the outcome led design of complex systems - applied through advanced model-based simulation combined with our human-in-the loop evaluation systems.

Our heritage in rapid delivery of innovation to track or road is underpinned by robust data driven design, combined with a user-centric approach to deliver optimal form and function. 


We can enable you to rapidly develop and deploy sensing, connectivity, and highly customised real-time control and compute systems - allowing you to focus on what really matters.


An extensive range of highly customisable sensor technology providing flexible and complete solutions for both human and machine applications.

Ready for use in harsh and challenging environments, our sensors can perform at high temperatures and vibration ranges.

Our products benefit from efficient designs, that have withstood the test of time with our Racing business and partners.


Our ECU technology is born from a long history in Formula 1 engine control, and has now been proven across a wide variety of markets and applications. 

We provide you with the flexibility to easily develop advanced control strategies, as well as to optimise downstream network data, all in a secure environment.

All of our units are highly robust, and efficient at sensor-fusion, locally converting large amounts of high rate data into meaningful metrics and actionable insight.


Resilient, high-bandwidth communications technology enables you to create a robust, multi-purpose network to assets or humans in motion.

Built on patented technology, we enable optimal use of all available channels, whether high or low bandwidth.

Robust to communication drop outs, our services can prioritise the most relevant or up to date information, in real-time.


We are pushing the envelope of performance in hybrid and electric systems, to provide you with highly optimised energy and power dense solutions, making your most challenging goals possible.


Batteries with state of the art design provide you high power density and high energy density, as well as exceptional thermal management.

Our integrated battery management systems are highly accurate, vastly improving battery performance.

Module and pack design is tailored to the specific application, and always highly compact durable and robust.


Our voltage converters and invertors are built to provide you high efficiency and high frequency switching - even in extreme operating environments. 

Using Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride technology, we can deliver exceptionally efficient energy conversion.

Whether integrated with batteries, or standalone, our products benefit from the same compact, robust and durable design.


Extremely power dense motors provide you a compact, low-weight solution without compromising on performance.

Made possible through high frequency switching and multi-phase commutation, our motors are designed with Silicon Carbide technology, for highly compact form and fully integrated eMotor systems.

Systems are highly customisable to meet the most demanding needs.

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