McLaren Applied

Telemetry, Control & Analytics

At McLaren Applied we unlock the transformative power of data to put you one step ahead. Sensing the world around us, we rapidly process data with advanced, real-time control systems. And by combining advanced simulation techniques with our innovative data platform, we derive clear and robust insights, so you can understand complex environments, optimise decision making and reduce development time.

We provide a holistic telemetry, control and analytics solution that is optimised for every stage of the end-to-end data journey. This journey begins with precision data capture via sensors, followed by accurate and reliable data processing through high-integrity controllers, and concludes with using telematics modules to offboard data that can be processed in real time by our analytics toolsets.

These analytics toolsets lie at the very heart of our ability to provide detailed condition and decision insight when a product is in service. The former allows you to understand the performance of your product and identify modifications needed to maximise performance, while the latter helps you to make the right calls and pursue optimal courses of action – even despite unforeseen circumstances.

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