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How supercars will make you fitter and stronger

The Verge - May 5th 2014

A visit to the McLaren Technology Centre reveals how our expertise in monitoring and analysing thousands of data points in real time can change the way we live – for the better. Dynamic event modelling is already being used by sports brands and in the health and wellness industry to generate accurate, personalised, meaningful and actionable insights – from fine-tuning the performance of elite sports teams to speeding medicare products to market.

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A game-changing approach to boosting productivity

The Telegraph - May 17th 2014

McLaren Applied Technologies vice president Geoff McGrath explains how our collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has increased toothpaste production by 6.7million tubes a year and created more than £100million in value.

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Tackling the obesity epidemic with hard science

Management In Practice - May 15th 2014

The leading health professionals’ website Management in Practice examines how our cutting-edge data monitoring technology is helping patients in a major new obesity study. More accurate measurement is the first step in educating people about the vital balance between energy intake and exercise expenditure.

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Winning the race for a healthier life

BBC News - May 2nd 2014

BBC Click investigates how McLaren Applied Technologies’ innovations and collaborative partnership with GP surgery Stowhealth, are making a breakthrough in the war against obesity – how better quality data, better understood, can help individuals make meaningful, personalised and effective lifestyle changes.

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