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Powertrain Innovation Webinar Series

Powertrain Innovation Webinar Series

McLaren Applied and Arrow are hosting a joint webinar series on the future of electric powertrain development.  Join us and find out how through innovation and collaboration we can help the faster adoption of more efficient electric vehicles to support the “green industrial revolution”.

The event series will focus on three topic areas:

  • An overview of next generation electric powertrains and trends
  • Discussions about the creation of open standards and collaboration in future powertrain development
  • Understanding the market dynamics and supply chains for future powertrain

Audience and attendees

This free to attend event is aimed at those interested in the future of electrification providing attendees with an update on the latest electrification capabilities, next generation inverters and advances in electrified powertrains:

  • Automotive OEM manufacturers
  • Niche automotive manufacturers
  • Aviation electrification customers
  • Supply chain partners for electrification
  • Standards bodies and key influencers
  • Media and trade press

At the event there will be opportunities to network within our virtual exhibitor area, with live chat capability, as well as live Q&A sessions with moderators in each webinar where ideas and topics will be further explored.

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 Outline Webinar Agenda

WebinarDateSession TopicSpeakers & Moderators

Webinar 1: Next Generation Electric Powertrain

Thursday 5th November
2pm - 3:30pm GMT

  • Introduce the technology market trends
  • Examples of powertrain innovation in action
  • Talk about the technology developments
  • Q&A panel discussion
  • Networking opportunities
  • McLaren Applied
  • BMW
  • Virgin Hyperloop
  • ST
  • Advanced Propulsion Centre

Webinar 2: Creating open standards and collaboration for future powertrains

Tuesday 1st December
2pm-3:30pm GMT

  • Market challenges in future powertrain development
  • Talk about the issues with different approaches and inconsistent standards
  • Discuss the challenges that need to be addressed
  • Q&A panel discussion
  • Networking opportunities
  • McLaren Applied
  • Volkswagen AG
  • Ricardo
  • Microchip
  • Infineon
  • UK R&I

Webinar 3:  Market dynamics and supply chains for future powertrains

Thursday 10th December
2pm-3:30pm GMT

  • Introduce the supply chain market dynamics
  • Development of supply chains for powertrain development
  • Discuss the development of a new 5 layer supply chain helping adoption
  • Q&A panel discussion
  • Networking opportunities
  • Arrow
  • Ford
  • Arrival
  • Cree Wolfspeed
  • Exawatt

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We hope you can join us.

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