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A unique solution and market first


A unique solution and market first

More than 87% of commercial vehicle breakdowns are caused by tyre failure and more than 90% of those tyre failures are caused by under-inflation. In Europe alone, it adds up to an additional £2bn per year in increased operating costs for fleet operators. And yet, this problem is entirely avoidable.

McLaren Applied partnered with commercial vehicle specialists TyreWatch Ltd to develop a product that gives fleet operators complete visibility of the tyre performance for every vehicle in their fleet in real time. A truly unique solution that is a first for the market.

The TyreWatch product continuously monitors tyre pressure and features an advanced predictive modelling solution developed by McLaren, which automatically identifies signs of tyre failure with 99.9% accuracy and calculates remaining useful life of the tyre before critical failure occurs.

This is all adds up to empowering fleet operators, by enabling them to rapidly identify signs of failure and equipping them with the information they need to decide how and when they intervene to minimise operational disruption and maximise driver safety.

“There is a clear business case to install tyre pressure monitoring. First, maintaining correct tyre pressure can reduce fuel costs and improve tyre life. Second, modern logistics businesses expect drivers and tractor units to have maximum uptime. If a truck suffers unexpected tyre problems, this can cost money in terms of time when the truck is off the road, but also more penalties if the delivery is not made according to the contractual time slots. A series of a companies have developed good solutions, the best-known of these – at least in the UK and probably worldwide – is TyreWatch.” – David Shaw, CEO Tire Industry Research

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