McLaren Applied

McLaren Applied Technologies’ LifeInsight technology is being used in a one year study with the GP Surgery StowHealth and academics at University Campus Suffolk, assessing the benefits of adding objective information to a programme preventing the onset of type II diabetes.

Leveraging McLaren Applied Technologies’ expertise in collecting meaningful data and analytics through telemetry, LifeInsight uses human sensors to monitor heart rate variability throughout the day. The data is made available to trial participants, clinicians and trainers to provide an objective insight into exercise effectiveness and calorie burn, and to promote behavioural change.

“ Sensors are now in use on a 4 country drug trial with patients who have suffered a stroke “

McLaren Applied Technologies’ trial with StowHealth is part of a larger initiative into developing more intelligent data systems within the health and wellness market. Using bio telemetry technology to understand how an individual is responding to treatment or drugs, or recovering post surgery; a more personal, tailored approach to patient care can be achieved, thereby optimising the effectiveness of treatment, medicine and drug trials.

Another example of this pioneering work with LifeInsight technology is with GSK, where sensors are now in use on a 4 country drug trial with patients who have suffered a stroke. By attaching a 3D accelerometer sensor to the back of the neck, doctors can objectively and accurately measure patients’ activity levels and personal response to a drug. Long term, GSK hopes this technology will help to reduce the duration and cost of clinical trials and therefore will expedite the development of new drugs.

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