McLaren Applied

Using predictive insight to change lives


Using predictive insight to change lives

McLaren Applied has played a crucial part in one of the largest research studies in the world, focusing on a project aimed at uncovering the reasons for paediatric asthma and providing tangible benefits to healthcare in a region with one of the highest rates of childhood illness in the UK.

Drawing on decades of Formula 1 technology, we were able to show how predictive insight can positively impact lives and healthcare systems through early detection and intervention into illness.

We mapped anonymised medical records from a repository of 10,000 patients, examining the risk factors associated with childhood asthma that affect the symptoms and diagnosis of the disease, such as environment and pollution. We also looked at the point at which patients are picked up by the healthcare system and how they interact with local services.

This data, combined with access to our technological expertise, meant world-leading clinicians were able to derive clear and robust insights that have enabled more proactive and predictive management of the disease, with a view to preventing it in the future.

Our standing as a leader in predictive analytics stems from our ability to apply technology and knowledge developed at the pinnacle of motorsport. And we are keen to explore new opportunities for collaboration, so clients and partners can leverage our expertise in data science and analytics – delivered though our healthcare platform – to help patients manage their conditions more proactively, provide early insights and predict health risks.

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