McLaren Applied
Intelligent Fleet

A software-enabled, holistic solution

Intelligent Fleet

A software-enabled, holistic solution

McLaren Applied is transforming how maintenance planners and equipment operators are getting the best from their assets across a broad spectrum of engineering, operations and service delivery.

Aging infrastructure, rising customer expectations, demand outstripping capacity and the pressures that come from day-to-day operations, mean that asset owners and fleet maintainers face constant challenges – challenges that can only be overcome by taking a proactive, as opposed to reactive approach.

And this is where McLaren Applied comes in. Drawing on our expertise in advanced engineering and data science, our Intelligent Fleet portfolio provides a software-enabled, holistic solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of different companies and markets.

We break the mould by taking a systems view, analysing data from a myriad of sources and sensors, to provide robust insight and a comprehensive digital picture of asset health and performance. It’s an approach that is no different to the McLaren F1 team, which monitors the performance and reliability of its cars in real time via a network of over 300 embedded sensors.

By adopting this race-bred approach, operators of complex assets, such as trains, trucks, and machinery, can monitor, improve and optimise the performance of their assets and fleets, and predict critical events that will shape asset utilisation and availability.

Our products leverage a combination of advanced physics, machine learning, modelling and robust multi-variate anomaly detection, as well as our performance analysis and visualisation tools. They include:

Fleet Performance Analysis

Through the integration and analysis of disparate data sources both on and off vehicle, we help clients to understand and enhance the performance of assets and, in turn, decrease running costs. We derive insights that shape ongoing developments for better performance. For example, we have combined sensor and maintenance data to optimise fuel consumption for fleet operators.

Remote Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Support

We allow clients to have a clear picture of component health in real time, at both a micro (asset) and macro (fleet) level. This enables them to deploy mitigating operational interventions to reduce the frequency of unplanned failures, as demonstrated by our role in pioneering advanced tyre failure prediction with TyreWatch.

Intelligent Maintenance

Maximising asset availability relies on improving maintenance planning. We combine asset data with our simulation technology to help our clients understand how the performance of components deteriorates, enabling them to execute proactive maintenance and avoid asset downtime.

Root Cause Analysis

Failure is something no one wants to experience but, unfortunately, it does occur. Determining the root cause of a failure takes time, effort and money, but through advanced data visualisation we can rapidly identify even the slightest discrepancies and anomalies in asset performance to help you understand the root cause. We have a proven track record of enabling clients to better understand why failures happen, such as deriving insight from wheel data to determine cause of structural failure.

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