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McLaren Applied's new Silicon Carbide 800V inverter is the next step in electrification


McLaren Applied's new Silicon Carbide 800V inverter is the next step in electrification

McLaren Applied’s new 800V Silicon Carbide Inverter is the ideal solution for automotive OEMs who want to deliver the next generation of electric vehicles supporting the "green industrial revolution". It provides a faster, more efficient and lightweight drivetrain that delivers faster charging, higher speeds and longer-range.

Next Generation 800V Inverter

Next Generation 800V Silicon Carbide Inverter

Our inverter has the highest frequency switching rate that is currently possible and is 800V compatible. This means faster power transfer and a lighter system compared to 400V inverters. This allows OEMs to develop vehicles with greater ranges, faster charging times and better acceleration, at a comparable cost.

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Future-proof solution with benefits for OEMs

Innovation in the fast-moving automotive space means meeting today’s questions with tomorrow’s answers. McLaren Applied’s 800V Silicon Carbide inverter responds to a current challenge with a future-proof solution for both established and new entrant OEMs.

OEMs that are using existing 400V infrastructure have the option to use McLaren Applied’s inverter at 400V with the ability to upgrade it to 800V at a later date. That means an OEM can bring 800V vehicles to market while utilising the existing investment in 400V technology, spreading the cost across a wider set of vehicles.

Silicon Carbide Technology - Smaller and lighter means greater efficiency

McLaren Applied’s new inverter uses Silicon Carbide technology, which enables a significant increase in switching frequency. That allows the use of a faster, more efficient and lightweight drivetrain, including inverter, motor and battery systems. Silicon Carbide inverters offer considerable efficiency gains versus conventional inverters because they produce less heat and, therefore, have lower cooling demands.

The new inverter also occupies a smaller form factor, making it ideal for use in electric vehicles. Increased efficiency and reduced mass means greater range and improved performance.  Smaller and lighter models need less energy to drive them. Combined with the increased drivetrain efficiency, this allows a reduction in battery size - typically the most expensive single component in a battery electric vehicle.

For systems integrators, our caseless inverters provide only the core hardware, which means maximum flexibility in packaging an off-the-shelf component into a custom system. This is a cost-effective contrast to conventional inverters.

Key features

  • Delivers the next generation of electric vehicles utilising 800V- lighter electrical cabling, fast charging capable
  • Higher frequency switching that allows optimisation of battery systems with efficient energy transfer to smaller and higher speed motors, maximising range for a given battery capacity
  • Clear upgrade path from 400V infrastructure to 800V to maximise existing investments and spread cost across a wider set of vehicles
  • Greater efficiency reduces thermal emissions reducing cooling demands
  • Unrivalled power density – compact design to fit many e-axle designs. Tight packaging combined with advanced cooling design to minimise integration challenges

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