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Automotive Controllers

Automotive Controllers

Having built a strong reputation in motorsport, supplying high-performance control systems to all Formula 1 teams, McLaren Applied entered the automotive space in 1988 when its control systems were embedded in the iconic McLaren F1 road car.

The uncompromising design and engineering philosophy behind the McLaren F1 meant over 3,000 hours were spent making each carbon fibre chassis. In addition to this, the throttle pedals, instrument panels and other key features were handcrafted. This level of extreme precision extended to its electronic control systems, engineered by McLaren Applied, which unlocked the car’s blistering performance.

The principle of providing customers with the tools required to unlock their products performance is what drives McLaren Applied electronic control systems offering. We believe in empowering our customers, so that they can realise their full potential, whilst minimising complexity.

Our off-the-shelf control systems are supplied with base software, but McLaren Applied offer a development environment to simplify the integration of application software, thus enabling our customers to generate their own application code, to ISO 26262 standards in a familiar Simulink environment. Alternatively, we have the in-house expertise and capabilities to write bespoke software for the specific requirements of our customers.

Two excellent examples of McLaren Applied’s off the shelf controllers are:

Powertrain and Chassis Control Module (PCCU)

The PCCU is a cost-effective auxiliary processing unit for general purpose control applications. The PCCU provides a powerful processing platform with 1kHz sampling of analogue input channels and actuation of high/low side drive stage pairs. A PowerPC processor provides the processing resource for application code which may be auto-coded from Matlab/Simulink using our GDE.

The unit includes three CAN interfaces for communication with the host ECU and other CAN linked system devices.  The PCCU can handle multiple digital and analogue inputs as well as controlling external sub-systems driving H bridges, solenoid valves for example.

The PCCU can be used as a stand-alone control unit with a direct CAN connection for programming and configuration, and is suitable for safety critical applications, up to ASIL-D.

Switch Control Gateway Unit (SCUG)

The SCUG is multi-purpose ECU suitable for control and interface functions. The SCUG platform is powered by a 16bit uC clocked at 50MHz offering 1MB of FLASH and 64kB of RAM.

The unit includes three CAN interfaces and two LIN interfaces for communication purposes. The SCUG can handle multiple digital and analogue input, control external sub-systems driving H bridges etc.

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