McLaren Applied

Ekofisk is one of the most important oil and gas fields in the North Sea and is estimated to remain productive until 2050.  MAT is working with a dominant producer in the region to be part of a strategic initiative to develop improved on-shore support to their drilling operations.  Deep sea drilling is an ecologically sensitive operation where safety is paramount and non productive time is a constant commercial pressure.

MAT has taken its knowledge of analysing large data sets and applied it to drilling.  Using real time data direct from the drilling head, the computer models developed by MAT constantly updates and provides insight that helps guide operational decision making on a day-to-day basis. 

This approach helps the producer to have a ‘macro’ picture of the well section providing an easy to understand view of their key performance indicators.  It also allows them to forward predict the likely effects of their next actions on the target performance, cost and well safety.  Further, MAT is collaborating on a new project to build a drilling simulator that will use the same models to further enhance decision making in this complex and critical environment.

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