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Driving new levels of prediction and personalisation


Driving new levels of prediction and personalisation

What if you could transform the extent to which products are personalised to meet the needs of consumers? Using human performance data and analytics, McLaren Applied works with technology partners to develop advanced fitness and wellness solutions that drive new levels of prediction and personalisation.

The key to this game-changing development? An intelligent, predictive data platform built on McLaren Applied pathway models that are based on elite sports methodology from our experience in Formula 1.

This technology can be used to measure progress and extract meaningful insight in real time to adapt solutions to the individual, improve experience, guide favourable behaviours and streamline the achievement of specific, personal wellness goals.

Just as no two people are the same, neither should be their approach to wellness. Quite simply, a homogenised approach to wellness just doesn’t cut it anymore. At least, not if you want to achieve optimal outcomes more quickly and efficiently.

Improving health and physical performance can be viewed as a pathway towards a defined goal. The quality of both experience and outcome depends on moving through the pathway at the right pace and making the right decisions at each juncture in an individual’s journey.

We therefore combine diverse datasets to understand the key drivers behind performance and wellbeing – a step change in comparison with the present wellness industry model that tends to only focus on one area.

Through our capabilities in edge computing and input cloud analytics, McLaren Applied can design solutions that support companies in delivering market-leading, predictive, personalised products and services.

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