McLaren Applied


Siyan Li, Business Analyst (LinkedIn Pulse)
McLaren Applied, Singapore

I have tremendous respect and admiration for McLaren’s successful racing history. My love for the brand comes from what it has achieved in applying F1 technology outside of motorsport to improve wider society.

That’s why I’m sitting high up in a tower in Singapore’s Suntec City district, McLaren Applied’s APAC headquarters.

I believe in the company’s vision to use technology to improve people’s lives in industries as diverse as health, public transport, automotive and motorsport. That makes my current role as a Business Analyst exciting as I’m able to work on multiple projects in different areas. I’m enjoying bridging the gap between our clients and our technical teams. 

I first discovered my passion for data science, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) at school in Changsha, China. Teachers at my school encouraged students to study traditional STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths). 

My university education took me two-thousand miles away from my hometown of Changsha to the bright lights of Singapore. I chose to study Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Nanyang Technological University.

In my fourth and final year at University, I was playing tennis one day when I met the founder of a data analytics start-up company. The company was small, but they were working in the area I was interested in exploring – data science and analytics.

I expressed how keen I was to secure some experience in data analytics, and they kindly gave a me a chance in the form of an internship. The company later went on to merge with a Chinese company and moved its base to China. But I wasn’t ready to move back to China and wanted to explore the exciting opportunities Singapore had to offer. 

My mentor at the company recommended I did some research into McLaren. 

‘McLaren? What can they offer me?’, I thought as I pictured racing and super cars in my mind.

After doing some research, I discovered that McLaren Applied were also working in multiple industries.

The concept that the technology in a racing car can be applied to solve a global health problem such as diabetes, fascinates me greatly. It proves that motorsport is still an important driving force for technology advancement.

I truly believe the work McLaren Applied are doing in decision science, AI and simulation will change the world for the better. And we’re unique in our approach. 


Well, most companies rely on existing data – but with McLaren Applied's expertise in hardware, with regards to our sensor technology, we’re able to capture and analyse data on an entirely different level. 

We’re all excited about how we can help McLaren transform the future of Singapore.

Join our team on the fearless pursuit of advantage:

Senior Technical Architect

Senior Java Software Engineer

Senior C# / .NET Software Engineer

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