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Ian Rhodes, CEO (LinkedIn Pulse)
McLaren Applied

As the dust settled on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after the Indy 500, McLaren Applied toasted our 10th anniversary of successful partnership with IndyCar. McLaren Applied was born out of McLaren’s unrivalled motorsport heritage and winning mentality. Its an approach that has enabled McLaren’s Formula 1 team to become one of the most successful in the sport’s history, and helped McLaren Automotive create some of the most highly-desirable supercars on the planet. 

And now, I believe McLaren Applied is writing the third chapter in McLaren’s history. 

We are transferring technology from the racetrack to the health, transport, automotive and motorsport sectors.

Since joining McLaren Applied in 2014, I have been hugely impressed by the high levels of energy and enthusiasm that run through all our teams here at McLaren Applied. The passion our people have for our company and our brand is immense, and I’m so proud to lead a group of incredibly bright people who are all working together to achieve our shared mission.


 So, what makes McLaren Applied a unique tech company?

First, decades of competition in the world’s most technologically advanced sport has built our unique understanding of technologies which are key to unlocking the potential of an increasingly connected world. These include data science, sensor technology, simulation and machine learning. For example, McLaren’s pioneering simulation technology in Formula 1 allowed us to predict the performance of our race cars – technology which we’re now applying to new areas such as complex transport networks and digital therapeutics. Businesses are now truly beginning to understand the benefits that come with creating digital concepts of products and processes, which accelerate the development phase, fast-tracking products or solutions-to-market more efficiently.

Second, McLaren Applied owns important technologies and intellectual property (IP) which are now coming of age.

And third, we have a very flexible commercial model. There are a number of different commercial ways in which we can interact and work together with businesses.

For example, you don't have to buy McLaren Applied product X, Y or Z out of a catalogue (although you can). You don't have to buy consulting services from McLaren Applied since we’re a technology company rather than a consultancy. You can pay marketing fees and have an association with us, or you can work with us co-developing new technology or new products. We think that’s a better, easier and more efficient way of doing business.

One illustration of the latter is where we’re particularly excited about our recently announced partnership with Deloitte. This is a relationship where two organisations with very common interests and complimentary skill-sets have come together to create products to help businesses solve specific industry challenges.

The combination of these three reasons, and the expertise we have across the business, is why I’m confident that we will achieve our ambitious objectives. 


There are fantastic strands of DNA shared across McLaren’s portfolio of businesses, but we’re also evolving our own culture within McLaren Applied – one that is evolving as the business moves forwards.

We have a different role in life. A different purpose.

 The needs of a Formula 1 driver are clearly different to an orthopedic surgeon, for example. Working in health and transport means a change in environment, different quality systems, different timescales, different regulatory processes, and different types of people who face different challenges. 

Our ambition is to foster a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship within McLaren Applied. And while our culture allows our people to make the big decisions – which, after all, is why we hired them - we value and encourage autonomous thinking while engendering a spirit and culture of teamwork. 

And this shift in culture is evident in our offices around the world.


The world-renowned McLaren Technology Centre has always been a special place to work. It’s our home and our headquarters. However, to recruit the very best people from a global talent pool, and to be near the projects within which we are involved, we have become an increasingly international organisation. We have offices in Singapore and the USA, as well as a new office in London.

We understand the needs of the modern workplace, which explains why we are changing how we do some things across the business. Our people work in smaller, self-organised, more agile teams, designed to help them solve whichever challenges come their way, quicker and smarter. 

The opportunity to solve crucial challenges in industries as diverse as health and transport, means we’re attracting a truly diverse workforce with a broad skill-set. 

Naturally, we’re actively recruiting talented people with traditional grounds in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) disciplines, but we’re also looking at a much broader type of recruitment in areas that are becoming important to us. That includes supply-chain organisation, project management, business development, programme and portfolio-management; and people with specific skills in commercialising technology. 

We're working to the point where we have a larger, more diverse collection of the best people in the world with the skills to help us achieve our objectives in our focused markets. We have created an environment where those people can do the best possible work – and have fun doing it. 

So, whether you’re a talented professional with the desire to join a busy and ambitious technology company, or you’re a business who believes you can benefit from our expertise, join us on our mission. 

Search for career-enhancing opportunities at McLaren Applied here.

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