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From race tracks to train tracks


From race tracks to train tracks

What does McLaren, a brand renowned for its formidable record on the race track and off it with its high-performance sports cars, have in common with sustainable cities? The answer is public transport.

Although I don’t sit behind the wheel of a 720S during my morning commute or race around the legendary Suzuka Circuit, I do get the opportunity to use Formula 1-derived technology for public transport applications.

It may sound far-fetched, but a grand prix and the rail network are not too dissimilar. Both have a fixed infrastructure, are highly regulated, safety critical and home to a multitude of human interactions. Both also require real-time, reliable data to inform decision-making. Not forgetting that there is the potential for disruption at either, with events not always going to plan.

Real-time, reliable data to inform decision-making is used in both F1 and the rail network
Real-time, reliable data to inform decision-making is used in both F1 and the rail network

Transport networks across the globe are becoming increasingly congested, cities are growing rapidly and the development of new infrastructure takes a frustratingly lengthy amount of time to pass through the decision-making, funding and construction phases.

Optimising vehicles, transport systems and human interaction is essential to combat the ever-growing burden placed upon infrastructure. However, this optimisation remains fragmented; frequently lacking unity and cohesion.

At McLaren Applied our solution is to use our expertise in sensor technology, simulation and predictive analytics to present a unique approach to improving public transport. We draw upon decades of experience in optimising the performance of vehicles at the pinnacle of motorsport and automotive to accelerate the transformation of transport systems.

Singapore is home to McLaren Applied’s Asia-Pacific headquarters and when it comes to public transport it’s an exciting, as well as challenging, region for us to work in. It means we have the world’s fastest growing economies on our doorstep, with investment in infrastructure and transportation viewed as a key driver for growth to enable economic and social activities for both individuals and businesses.

We have the opportunity to work with transport operators, mobility providers and system integrators, particularly in the area of connectivity and intelligent operations. This means anything from implementing passenger Wi-Fi capabilities on a train, deploying a predictive maintenance solution across a transport fleet, to disruption management and maintenance scheduling.

Transport networks across the globe are becoming increasingly congested
Transport networks across the globe are becoming increasingly congested

Our focus is not on providing one-off, bespoke, tailored solutions. We strive to build effective partnerships and scalable solutions that offer long-term value and usability.

The shifts to more carbon-neutral modes of travel and increased efficiency in transport operations are key to making the global transport sector more sustainable. The proliferation of these factors means McLaren Applied is perfectly positioned to support the development of new infrastructure and improvement of existing fleets.

We collaborate with planners and transport providers to shape and influence early stage thinking on what a reliable and sustainable transport solution could look like, not only for the transport operator, but importantly for the end user – the customer.

From London to Singapore, our industry collaborations allow us to work with valued partners to digitally enable future transport systems, lower carbon footprint, reduce delays and deliver a superior experience for passengers, resulting in a greater use of public transport.

McLaren is about more than Formula 1 and sports cars. We’re fully committed to using our high-performance technology and expertise to improve people’s lives, support the growth of sustainable cities and provide smart mobility across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

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