McLaren Applied


It’s impossible to describe a typical day at McLaren Applied and that’s why I love working here. Every day brings a new challenge.

I’m the Principal Design Engineer in the design group at McLaren Applied. The group is responsible for driving innovation by delivering design strategy, and commercialisation through design and engineering thinking. Our ethos is a fusion of user-centred data-driven design and extreme engineering.

We have a mix of recent graduates sitting next to and sharing ideas with people with many years’ experience. We’re on the lookout to spot ambitious and designers and engineers.

So here’s six reasons why you should apply now:

1. Our culture

The culture and atmosphere in the design lab is relaxed but focussed. It’s our own space where we like to bounce ideas off each other; sketch out concepts and share thoughts on our white wall; take things apart and build stuff with our 3D printers. It’s just a fun, music-filled, productive environment to work in.

Outside of work we enjoy socialising as a group, particularly after catching an exhibition or conference in London. We attend most of the major design and engineering shows in London and keep a close eye on conferences around the world to send people along, like CES in Vegas. 

2. Diverse projects

We’re not a place where you’ll only work on one project for years on end. In my six years at McLaren Applied, I’ve worked on projects as diverse as medical devices, bicycles, sports equipment for elite athletes, domestic appliances, financial tools and many other varied, cool, and exciting projects.

3. A place to fast-track your career

My team’s development is paramount to me. The more we grow and develop, the better the business performs. You’ll need to take control of your own career by proactively seeking learning opportunities, but there are plenty of them and everyone here is a self-starter. We can support you with training courses, chartership, or secondments in other teams in Woking, North America, or Singapore, if appropriate.

4. Our home: The McLaren Technology Centre

Working in a world-renowned Sir Norman Foster designed building is a unique thing about working at McLaren, the campus is stunning. Our world-class facility includes a subsidised restaurant, a café, a fitness centre kitted out with the latest Technogym equipment, a pool and more. If that wasn’t enough, every day you’ll have the pleasure of walking past some of the rarest cars on the planet, parked pristinely on our boulevard, some of them worth tens of millions of pounds each.

5. Our Product Innovation Framework

You will have the unique opportunity to bring your own ideas to life whether it’s a tangible product, digital design or a service. It’s backed by a significant pledge from the business to fund time and materials costs to inspire, to encourage and help develop the best independent ideas from anyone in the company. Our ambition is that we continue to foster this spirit of independent innovation and entrepreneurship within McLaren Applied.

6. Learning opportunities 

Other companies have to outsource for expertise in a certain field. Not at McLaren. We always seem to be within 100 metres of a specialist within their field, whether it’s in design, modelling and simulation, data analytics, electronics hardware, software development, finance and marketing. We have some of the brightest people in the world under one roof, and you will become a more rounded person learning from and becoming our thought leaders.

If you’re an ambitious design engineer and want to innovate with us, apply now.


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