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From graduate to data scientist, Sinead shares her rise through the ranks at McLaren


From graduate to data scientist, Sinead shares her rise through the ranks at McLaren

They say word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing. After a friend recommended a career at McLaren Applied, Sinead Cook wasted no time in joining the fearless pursuit of advantage. From building elegant machine learning models in response to complex problems in transport, to driving hospital operational efficiency; in this Q&A Sinead provides insight into life at the forefront of innovation.

Q: What attracted you to McLaren Applied?

About one and a half years ago a friend of mine was working at McLaren Applied and spoke very highly of the company and its culture. I was eager to work in machine learning and McLaren had an entry level graduate scheme that looked tailor made for me. I applied, and the rest is history. I haven’t looked back.

Q: What projects are you working on and in which industries?

Since joining McLaren Applied I have worked on projects in the healthcare and transport spaces. I am currently working on a project within the McLaren Deloitte alliance, where we are looking at how to drive operational efficiency in hospitals.

There are a range of diverse projects to work on at McLaren Applied
There are a range of diverse projects to work on at McLaren Applied

Q: Can you tell us a little more about the McLaren Deloitte alliance?

On one hand you have McLaren Applied that has a massive amount of technical expertise and knowledge which is drawn from a team full of simulation engineers and data scientists – in essence, a huge amount of modelling capability. On the other, there is Deloitte which is amazing when it comes to the client-facing side of the equation – so securing clients and rolling out new products for example.

Q: What’s the atmosphere like at McLaren Applied?

It’s a collaborative environment full of an array of technically-minded, highly capable, and driven people who are given responsibility and are trusted to work diligently.

Q: Why should people join the team?

The sheer breadth of different projects you can work on is fantastic and the opportunity for career progression is excellent. If you work hard, put the effort in and want to rise through the ranks quickly, then you can. Hard work gets recognised at McLaren Applied and that keeps you motivated.

There’s plenty of scope for learning and development too, and that’s so important when it comes to data science because it’s evolving at such a rapid rate. You have to keep learning – stay on top of new algorithms, for example – otherwise you risk falling behind. 

Collaboration is a key ingredient for success
Collaboration is a key ingredient for success

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at McLaren Applied?

The best thing about working at McLaren Applied is the people. Everyone is incredibly intelligent, and it means you can learn a lot from those around you. Importance is also placed on making sure people have the chance to work on a range of interesting projects and that they are looked after.

Q: Top tip for success?

Set really high standards for yourself with regard to your technical ability and be humble so you can learn from other people. Also try to be tactical about your progression and keep your long-term career goals in mind.

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