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I’m excited to be a part of a company that merges engineering and innovation to improve people’s lives. At McLaren Applied, we work hard to develop unseen solutions that approach the new challenges of the IoT era.”

Meet Barcelona born, Sandra Fernandez, an electronics design engineer based in McLaren Applied’s Electro Mechanical Design Team.

Sandra joined McLaren Applied in October 2014 from Applus Idiada, a global automotive company based in Tarragona, Spain. 

“When I was contacted by McLaren to see if I would be interested in applying for my role, I had been at Idiada for a year, where I was enjoying every day. However, the opportunity came so I thought ‘why not? I’m always keen to challenge myself. This is McLaren, it’s impossible to turn down!’.

“This sort of opportunity is very rare, so I left my world in Barcelona to pursue an engineering and management career at McLaren Applied. Although the recruitment process was challenging, I made it here, and I feel I made the right decision.”

Sandra’s role

“My role as electronics design engineer entails the research and development of high-performance components from concept to production. I’m also a project manager for R&D projects which will shape industries as diverse as health, public transport, automotive and motorsport.

“The qualities someone in my role needs are the ability to make important decisions quickly, implement the ‘McLaren level’ of attention to detail in everything you do, and embrace every challenge that comes your way. 

“We never question if projects can be done, we only focus on how we’re going to do it.”

And Like other McLaren employees, Sandra struggles to describe a typical day at McLaren.

“Every day is different. As a project manager, I face the challenges and decision making that our innovative projects bring every day. Attending meetings, discussing technical detail and solutions with the team and supporting the evolution of projects are part of my responsibilities.” 

“As an electronics engineer, I design and develop high performance components from concept stage to production, in our world-class labs.”

Ground-breaking projects

“I am currently managing an innovative project in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and Innovate UK to develop sustainable high performance sensors powered through high-temperature vibration energy harvesting.

“McLaren Applied are innovators in this field, so the challenges we are facing, haven’t been approached like this before, which is exciting.

“I’m pleased that we’re collaborating with great organisations such as GSK, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and Birmingham Children’s Hospital, to help achieve common goals to improve lives.” 


“This company has given me life-changing opportunities, time to develop personally and professionally, and the resource to develop products and processes that will innovate the IoT. 

“I have always been fascinated with electromedicine, using technology to advance medical devices to help support people’s health. It’s what every engineer’s mindset should be – using your skills and talent on innovative, meaningful projects.”

At the core of Sandra’s motivation is the desire to help people.

“I really care about people. I want people to have access to the devices and technologies that we are developing. I truly believe we will improve society in many ways."

Join the team

If you want to challenge yourselves and work on projects that merge technology with innovation, apply now:

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