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Q&A: Moreno Ceccarini, Motorsport Business Development Engineer

“From the labs where our high-performance components are made to the next generation simulators, it’s motorsport heaven.” That’s how dual Belgian and Italian national Moreno Ceccarini describes life at McLaren Applied.

Moreno shares why he joined McLaren Applied and how the team plans to improve the future of motorsport in this Q&A.

Q: What attracted you to join McLaren Applied?

I had a few options after graduating, but I believed McLaren Applied’s offering in motorsport is unrivalled. We design high-performance components for every level within the sport, provide track support, build world-class simulators, and we’re looking at developing new technologies to improve the future of fan entertainment. This is the ultimate motorsport studying ground for anyone with a passion for motorsport.

Q: Describe your journey leading to McLaren Applied?

One degree wasn’t enough for me. I gained a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business and Economics, all from the University of Mons in Belgium. That’s a lot of studying, I know. And there’s one more…

In 2017, I enrolled onto the Advanced Motorsport Engineering Master’s degree at Cranfield University. The course provided me a thorough understanding of a variety disciplines within motorsport engineering and fully prepared me for my current role in the industry.

After nine years of studying, I was ready to enter the world of motorsport, and spotted the opportunity at McLaren Applied. Here I am! Three degrees later…

Q: What is your role at McLaren Applied?

Motorsport Business Development Engineer. With my background in both engineering and business, I am the bridge between our customers’ technical teams and our business development team – ensuring customers receive the highest standard of support.

Q: Where did your passion for motorsport come from?

Growing up, some of my fondest memories include watching all the Grand Prix with my father and grandfather. As an Italian, my allegiances lay with Ferrari! As I grew older, I started to enjoy watching all types of motorsport series including Moto GP, LMP1 and GT series.

Q: Which is your favourite motorsport series?

 I love F1 & MotoGP, but the thrill of two-wheel racing is much more spectacular.

Q: Favourite driver of all time?

Valentino Rossi. The man. The legend. I met him when I was nine years old! I doubt he remembers me, but I remember him for sure.

Q: Favourite race circuit?

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

Q: What do you most enjoy about working in the motorsport team?

The passion my colleagues share for motorsport. We all realise that the company has built a stellar reputation within the industry, but everybody is pushing to take our products and services to the next level to improve all series for teams and fans. We’re working flat out for the sport.

Q: What are your hopes for the future of MAT motorsport team? 

We are focussed on constantly improving our products and services for our customer. Our plan is to develop new and improved hardware and software standardised solutions for every race series in the world.

Improving fan entertainment is also our focus going forward. We want to mix our extensive experience in motorsport with our expertise in data analytics, software engineering and design to improve the experience for the millions of fans watching motorsport in their homes.

Read how McLaren Applied is shaping the future of motorsport from Motorsport Director Rodi Basso, here

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