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Manish Harish, a senior recruitment partner, shares his top 3 tips to securing a role at McLaren Applied.

24 LinkedIn InMails. 96 emails. 8 meetings.

And that’s just a typical Tuesday for me. From recruitment agencies asking me to place their client, to people asking me if they 'can just work here' because they have the qualifications.

Our recruitment process is of course far more stringent than that, with multiple stages, ensuring we recruit the very best candidates to fill our vacancies.

As a recruitment business partner at McLaren Applied, my role entails sourcing the very best talent in the world, whether it’s software engineers, electronic engineers, data scientists or designers. 

But here are some tips to secure a job at one of the most exciting technology companies in the world:

1. Demonstrate your ability to innovate

McLaren Applied is a hub of innovation and thought leadership. We will expect you to bring fresh thinking to help us solve challenges in the areas in which we operate.

I’ve lost count the number of times where I have asked an applicant to demonstrate where they have applied their innovative ideas to a project, for them to say “but we worked as a team”. Working in a team is a given at McLaren. But you have to demonstrate your ability to apply fresh thinking and present us with alternative solutions to problems.

From my extensive experience in the technology industry, the ability to consistently innovate is the main attribute that separates McLaren’s engineers to engineers at other companies.

2. Passionate, proactive and driven

Three characteristics that candidates often claim they have, but not all have the evidence to prove it.

Candidates that have caught my eye in the past have participated in voluntary work. If you’re that passionate about working in control systems, apply your skills at a lower level motorsport team.

Everyone starts from somewhere, but it's the willingness to gain relevant experience which is what sets candidates apart.

3. Self-training

As a business, we move at such a fast pace, so you’ll need to show me that you have the ability to adapt to changing environments, different software and multiple systems.

Of course you will not know all the answers straight away. The projects we work on are complexed and often classified, but you must learn quickly.

We’re impressed by people that study how to use multiple platforms in their own time. For example, if you don’t have experience of writing code in SCALA, use your own time to study how to. You can even demonstrate your passion to learn new systems by building apps for iOS or Android.

With the amount of information and tutorials that are online, there are no excuses for not learning new skills.

Here are some of the jobs I am recruiting for now:

Hear from the engineers, designers and business leaders that are developing products and services that will improve people’s lives here.


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