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"It’s good to be back", says Kenny Kong, as he returns from a four-year stint away from the McLaren Technology Centre.

Kenny was an integral part of the team at McLaren Automotive when the McLaren P1™ launched – the 3.8-litre V8 biturbo hypercar which set new standards in advanced automotive engineering.

Kenny says: "Working at McLaren Automotive was an incredible experience. Aside from being a part of a company which creates some of the most highly desirable cars in the world, what impressed me most was the extreme attention to detail that goes into making the products."

Graduating from Oxford Brookes University in 2009, Kenny achieved a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Kenny joined McLaren Automotive in 2012 as a Quality Conformance Engineer, and worked on a variety of models including the first production car wholly designed and built by McLaren – the 12C.

"My job was to work with engineers to develop solutions to problems on the production lines. The nature of automotive production means sometimes parts need re-engineering to ensure they meet the high-standards which the company sets", explains Kenny.

"Although I enjoyed my time and learnt a tremendous amount about automotive production, I was keen to gain more experience in quality during the design stage. I wanted to develop solutions before products are even made", says Kenny.

"I spent four years at Jaguar Land Rover which provided me with the opportunity of learning about quality engineering during design and mass production techniques."

"But I missed the things that makes McLaren special. The building, the history, expectations of the products, the people and the challenges so I looked at how I could re-join McLaren."

And Kenny shared a few reasons to why specifically McLaren Applied.

"I started to hear about the unique projects with organisations such as Specialized and UK Sports which really grabbed my attention. The opportunity to work as a Project Quality Engineer in a variety of industries, to uphold and promote the extreme attention to detail McLaren are renowned for really excited me."

Kenny was successful and now works to help solve new challenges in the motorsport, health, public transport and automotive industries.

"I’m currently working on the incredibly exciting Formula E battery project and some highly confidential projects which I cannot talk about. In these projects I am responsible for advance quality planning and utilising my quality experience to prevent errors in the design phase and to deliver projects right first time rather than troubleshooting, which is what I was doing in my previous role in McLaren Automotive. "

"I also have the opportunity to apply automotive disciplines and best practices into other industries, through working with our engineering teams on their processes, I am currently working with them on part approval, for instance. This also gives me an insight into how other industries work, and what the different approaches are. It makes it fun because I’m being challenged and learning all the time."

"I knew from the rigorous interview process that I was joining a team who had incredible high standards and knew the type of person they wanted on board."

"I have a huge amount of respect for the Quality team at McLaren Applied, headed by Dr. Steve Sweby and James Moyle. Two people with an incredible amount of experience who I can learn from and we are fortunate to have a very diverse team in Quality, in terms of experience, background and culture that further helps my learning. "

"I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for McLaren Applied."

For a full list of opportunities at McLaren Applied, click here.

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