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Josh Wesley explains why he was able to take the next step and develop his career at McLaren Applied.

“My previous role mostly involved trackside support, which I thoroughly enjoyed. But I wanted to be more involved in application development - constantly working to improve performance.

Josh is a part of the Electronic Systems team within McLaren Applied, which is currently recruiting for a Motorsport Application Support Engineer and an Application Development Engineer.

The journey to McLaren Applied

“In my third year at the University of Bath, I secured a placement role as a Technical Support Engineer at Cosworth, where I gained exposure to the motorsport industry. This included international travel, working alongside suppliers and working in a highly pressurised environment.

“After graduating with a First-class Honours degree, I re-joined Cosworth as a Trackside Engineer. I attended many events, predominantly in the GT and Sportscar series."

But it was a familiar face that revealed the career opportunities at McLaren Applied to Josh.

"I was contacted by a recruiter at McLaren Applied and was immediately intrigued. I wanted more information about what I’d potentially be working on, so I spoke to Jake Conway, Head of Electronic Systems at McLaren Applied, and a former colleague!

“He told me about the highly talented, growing Electronic Systems team, and the opportunity to develop the Electronic Control Unit’s (ECU), which I was instantly excited by.

“After a tough recruitment process, I received the amazing news that I secured the role as a Systems Applications Engineer.”

What is a Systems Application Engineer?

Our Systems Applications Engineers develop applications for the ECU, for some of the world’s most prestigious motorsport series including Formula 1, NASCAR and IndyCar.

“My role is challenging and includes an incredible amount of responsibility, which I love. F1 teams push us to gain the maximum performance out of the ECU so they can shave milliseconds off lap times, which can be the difference between winning and losing.

“Working on developing the ECU has significantly enhanced my engineering skills and knowledge. My role requires me to know about the whole car including how all of the systems interact, be it the chassis, engine, gearbox, or driver. This gives the role a lot of variety, keeping things exciting.”

Professional development

“My software development skills have significantly improved. I studied mechanical engineering but always had an interest in software and computer science. My role combines the two, designing software for use in mechanical systems. The software tools I use on a daily basis, like Simulink and MatLab, are used by engineers around the world, meaning that the development my role facilitates in these areas is not only relevant to motorsport, but transferable to other industries too.

“I also like the fast response you get with working in electronic systems and programming.  It allows me to apply my ideas, and then test them very quickly.”

Culture at McLaren

McLaren is a dream job for many aspiring engineers, but what is the culture really like?

"We are constantly developing and improving, which is down to the challenging work we do. The intense desire to progress means the business is open to change, so if you have an idea which may help, it’s taken seriously, which is great. You really feel like you can make a difference."

Join us

Our team is growing, and we are looking for like-minded, software engineers who are passionate about working with team and series to achieve our goals in motorsport. Apply now:


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