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Michael Shearer, APAC Managing Director 
McLaren Applied

The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix is arguably one of the greatest spectacles on the racing calendar. Once a year, twenty cars compete at the Marina Bay street circuit, against the backdrop of Singapore’s glittering night city skyline, all battling it out for top spot on podium. But McLaren’s relationship with Singapore goes well beyond the Grand Prix. As our Racing team colleagues start the pack-up in the early hours post-race, ready to move to the next Grand Prix destination, another part of McLaren Group gets ready for another working day in Singapore.

That’s McLaren Applied's Singapore team. McLaren Applied works at the intersection of technology, data and human ingenuity to deliver quantifiable performance advantage in four key markets; Public Transport, Health, Automotive, and Motorsport. The cutting-edge Formula 1 technology that we have developed over decades include sensors, advanced simulation, predictive analytics, data visualisation, high-speed connectivity, design and electronics. Our Singapore team is based in the heart of Singapore in Suntec City, and is one of McLaren's fastest growing operations outside of the UK.

So, why Singapore?

Aligned values

First and foremost, McLaren Applied’s mission of delivering quantifiable performance advantage through technology aligns well with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative. Our understanding of the Smart Nation vision is that Singapore aims to be a leading economy powered by digital innovation. We are well placed to accelerate this in the areas of Public Transport and Health. We can do so through our pioneering technology and great people. Speaking of which…

Diverse talent

From data scientists and software developers to people who can unlock business development opportunities throughout Asia Pacific, Singapore offers a large and diverse talent pool to recruit from. Over eight nationalities are represented in our team. Over a third have a PhD, and they represent some of the finest educational institutions across Asia Pacific. But diversity for McLaren means difference in its widest sense. We fundamentally believe people from different walks of life, cultural and educational backgrounds and different ways of thinking and approaching problems represents a unique source of innovation. Singapore is therefore an important source of top talent for our organisation.

And that diverse talent isn’t just within our team. We work closely with local research institutions including A*STAR and I2R, who share our drive and passion to find performance advantage in public transport and health.

Human ingenuity and diversity is our strength

Market access

Our presence in Singapore gives us access to the fastest growing region in the world. Asia Pacific’s sheer diversity, pace of social-economic development and scale presents huge growth opportunities for us.


Singapore is often seen as the hub of innovation for Asia Pacific. The country retained its number one spot for innovation among Asian nations and 7th globally out of 127 countries on the 2017 Global Innovation Index*.

Our work in Singapore

Public transport and Health are the two focus areas for our Singapore activity.

In Public Transport, our F1-derived expertise in data capture, real-time analysis, and simulation allows us to create performance improving products and solutions for train operators.

Most recently, we started our collaboration with Asia’s premier multi-modal land transport provider, SMRT. Our collaboration initially focuses on intelligent vehicle maintenance on the SMRT fleet in Singapore, with the intention to provide an intelligent vehicle monitoring solution suitable for adoption on a global scale.

Together, we are committed to improving the passenger experience by delivering a world-class transport service and lifestyle experience that is safe, reliable, accessible and customer-centric but which also encourages more sustainable modes of transport.

In Health, using our F1 heritage, and collaborating with like-minded innovative companies, we are in the race to drive better clinical outcomes for patients, and pursue breakthroughs in human performance.

Collaborating with leading transport provider SMRT

Opportunity: contributing to Smart Nation through talent & technology

Many of my Singaporean colleagues talk to me about the pride they feel in helping to deliver quantifiable performance advantage and a positive impact on their country, through improved public transport systems and changing healthcare for the better. Would you like to join us?

Do you want to apply your skills in a variety of exciting cutting-edge projects which will help our customers and partners worldwide transform through technology?

Do you want to be part of a diverse, highly-talented peer group, operating in a fast-moving environment?

Do you want to represent McLaren, an iconic brand synonymous with uncompromising perfection?

If yes is your answer to all the above, then please don’t wait. Apply here.


Join our growing team

* Cornell University, INSEAD & World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). (2017). The Global Innovation Index 2017: Innovation Feeding the World. Retrieved from:


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