McLaren Applied


Steve Sweby
Head of Quality, McLaren Applied

After spending two and half years at Apple at their Cupertino campus in California, I seized the opportunity to join McLaren Applied, and moved my family back to the UK in November 2015.

Of course, I miss the weather, the mountains and the occasional trip to Laguna Seca. The opportunity to be a key part of the development in health and transport at McLaren was just too good to pass up.

McLaren is utilising all the experience I have gained in my career working in transport, aerospace, motorsport, and consumer electronics, including work overseas in Japan, US and China. It is exciting to bring this together to embark on the biggest challenge of my career. 

Now, as the Head of Quality at McLaren Applied, I oversee four departments including; Safety, Supply Quality, Certification, and Project Quality. The team is responsible for driving change and implementing new ways of working to drive efficiency which support the strategic goals of Applied Technology. We are working to apply innovative technology to industries new to McLaren, seeing the progress and success we are bringing gives a real buzz to the team.

McLaren Applied have ambitious plans to develop the quality functions and as such we are currently recruiting for: risk managers and project quality engineers with medical backgrounds,  as well as roles in supply quality, project quality and functional safety teams.

It is an exciting time to join McLaren Applied, you will be given direct responsibility to improve the way we work and will make important decisions in projects that aim to improve people’s lives.

In health, we are meeting the industries challenge to detect early disease progression and improve clinical outcomes. Our sensors collect data from the human body and provide doctors with a clearer picture of a person’s health pre and post-surgery. 

In the automotive industry, we are collaborating with world-leading companies to accelerate the rate of development for the next generation of vehicles. My team’s role in automotive projects is to improve the efficiency and enhance vehicle safety.  

In my experience, driving change that improves ways of working can be challenging in any organisation, especially when they are large and successful. At McLaren, the culture has evolved, from the needs in motorsport, to be adaptable to change encouraging everyone to try new ideas and processes.

What I value most about McLaren Applied is that we are encouraged to express our ideas across the business which helps to develop solutions for our ourselves and customers.

We aim to identify crucial challenges and gaps in the market, the open culture allows us to use the plethora of skills and expertise in the organisation to solve those challenges, to our extreme high standard.

Our culture promotes autonomy and self-governance. I have direct contact with Ian Rhodes, our chief executive officer, and other senior board members. If you believe you know how to do something better, then you’re encouraged to speak up and make it happen.

We understand where technology is going, but what differentiates us from other technology companies is the insight we have taken from decades of competition in elite motorsport, which has enhanced our data analytics, software development, simulation, and machine learning expertise.

We’re now expanding our capabilities in all those areas, as well as in artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomy.

If you have the passion and ambition to use your exceptional skills and expertise to work on projects that will define future intelligent mobility and improve people’s lives, join us now.

We're recruiting people with experience in the health and automotive industries, browse through our roles below.

Risk Management
Medical Certification Manager
Project quality 

Functional Safety Manager
Supply quality 
Project quality 

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