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McLaren Applied is the fast growing arm of McLaren that applies insights to improve people’s lives in a variety of ways, from improving the efficiency of drug trials, simulating the real world to create high performance products we use and wear to making businesses perform better.

Chris Johnson, C# software team lead, outlines exactly the type of software engineer who works and thrives at McLaren and why you should apply now.

McLaren Applied is hiring software engineers, but before you apply, ask yourself, ‘do I have what it takes to meet the McLaren standard in software engineer?’. Like the mechanical and electrical engineers at McLaren, our software engineers have to solve extremely complex and challenging problems.

As a software engineer in my team you will be building big data, cloud based scalable applications that solve critical real world problems which will ultimately – like everything we set out to do- help improve people’s lives.

As part of a self-organising agile team, you will solve a variety of problems in diverse fields using techniques such as machine learning, simulation and modeling. Depending on the role, you will be the heartbeat of our delivery of core innovation using both frontend and backend technologies.

So who are the people we’re looking for to work at McLaren? Well, there are five things which you must have before you come on board:

The ability to apply your ideas

We have an open culture at Applied Technologies. If you have an idea or an opinion on how we should be tackling a problem, then we encourage everyone to speak up and voice their ideas.

You have the freedom to solve problems and architect solutions as part of a self-organising team. Choose whichever language and framework you want, but we like elegant and simple solutions. We work under sustained pressure, driven by tight deadlines, so we are looking for software engineers who do not overcomplicate things unnecessarily.

An affinity with programming

We are looking for talented polyglots; people who can code in different languages.

The best advice I can give you is to never become tagged as a ‘C# developer’. Applied needs agile, multi-disciplined software engineers. From C# to JavaScript to Java, we need you to have a solid understanding of multiple languages. It’s more important to understand core programming, computer science principles and patterns than language syntax. Depending on the role, you may be exposed to Python, Matlab and R too.

A desire to make a difference

Ask yourself, ‘what impact is my work actually making on the world’, when searching for roles.

All projects we work on are at the forefront of technology and will improve people’s lives in some way. This means we are not only looking for world-class software engineers, but also, engineers that are committed to using their exceptional talents for greater benefit of the world.

A thirst for knowledge

No matter how experienced you are, you won’t know everything straight away, because of the nature of our projects being specialised and unique, but you must have the appetite to learn and learn fast.

That means learning new software, frameworks and business processes and domain problems quickly. You will receive training and development support, but you must also take the initiative to learn new skills in your own time.

A team mentality

Our culture allows collaboration on projects across the business, working with like-minded engineers. This will only enhance your personal progression, learning from the experts within their respective fields.

For example, our team works alongside data scientists to transform raw data into sophisticated, user friendly web-based solutions.

So, do you meet the criteria above? Then you’re exactly who we’re looking for to join our growing talented team.

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